Cut My Hair Finally…

After weeks of thinking whether to cut my hair or not, today i finally decided to cut it to shoulder length. I have been long hair for the past years, don’t like to cut it because it takes time to make it grow back. And I love long hair because I can tie it in different ways. But today I bid goodbye to my long hair. Looking at it falling down after the scissor cut it, makes me want to cry. I know it is sound funny, but I will surely miss my long hair.

Looking at the mirror with my shoulder length hair, makes me smile. Because I get to see the new hair, feels like new me. I have been looking the same hair for years, now is different. Feels fresh and feels not too heavy on my hair. Summer really helps me decide to cut my hair. It is really hot today and long hair is making it more hot. It feels really good to have cut it, new me, new hairstyle, and new face to look at everyday. I still do like to have long hair, just want to try something new after years of having long hair. As they say, girl with long hair are attractive. I don’t know if it is really true.

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  1. Ibyang says:

    i too worry whenever i cut my long hair but nowadays, it's easier to manage short or medium-length hair. and it does help me feel better when i give myself a good haircut.