A Story of Amazing Faith..

There are stories that I have heard about some people who showed amazing faith. A trials in life that we want to give up. Trials like folded up business, financially tight, abandoned by husband, and left by parents because cannot afford to give them a good life.

One day, a house was caught into fire. Neighbors are helping to get water to control the fire while waiting for the firefighter to arrive. Others are busy getting out their things to be safe from burning. One lady with her three kids crying and she said ‘PRAISE THE LORD’. I was wondering why she is still praising the Lord seeing her house burning. My impression of her was that she must have gone mad. After thinking, it come up into my mind that she was praising God because she and her children escaped the fire. She was not looking at her burning house but she was looking upon herself and her children. She was praising the Lord for her family’s safety and being able to escape the tragedy of death.

More often, we look for the misfortune we have encountered in our life. We did not look for the positive side of it. They may be a good side in a tragedy that we often overlook. In everything that is happening in our life, we have to have faith in God and be strong to face it. God will never give us trials that we can’t survive. Keep the faith…and remember GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

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