Today’s Homily: God Never Leaves Us Empty…

In every trials and difficulties in life, we sometimes want to give up. We feels that our world tumbling down and can’t see the light, we do asked God, why me? Sometimes we have to encounter this for us to know that not all is good and well. Others lost the meaning of life and ended their life. Feeling that no one is there for them to comfort.

I do faces trials in life, and even asked Him, why me? Do I deserve this?

As I am listening in today’s homily, I realized that God gives us trials to remind us that He is there and we forgot to talk to Him and give thanks for all the blessings He showered upon us. Giving me trials and difficulties to make me more closer to Him. I do admit i forgot to thank Him sometimes. He takes something away from me for He is preparing for me something better. If He closes the door, He opens a window. This is happening to me because maybe I deserve something better.

After listening, my mind is enlightened that whenever God gives us trials never questioned Him. Instead we come near to Him and pray to give us more strength to fight and be strong in every trials that we are encountering. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason only God knows. He never leaves us empty, for he is planning to replace it with something better. Just be patient for He will give it to us on the right time. Thank God for giving us trials, for it means that God is there for us always. Just knock and His door will opens. Come close to God and never questioned. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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  1. bheng says:

    Very well said… tama ka dyan gen. Be inspired in the quote from the Bible "Footprints in the Sand".