The Art of Letting Go…

Before I do believe in they live happily ever after. It’s like dreaming in a fantasy world that I wouldn’t want to wake up. But facing the reality will make a person moving on and get the life back to normal. Therefore I realized no fantasy world would come into reality.

Indeed no matter how we try, there are things that are not meant to be. The heart and mind is willing to wait but circumstances telling you to give up. Very sad to know that someone is very far and out of reach. Makes me cry that it ended and never get the chance even just holding the hands of that someone. It hurts so deep that I even thinking I am worthless. I know and understand that things are not meant to be. Feels so right but it is not for us to keep and have.

Tears wont stop from falling, how I wish I could stop it from falling. Never thought I could be this way, and felt this way. In due time I will move on and trying to be happy. Those things will be haunting be until time will tell me to stop and go forward. Hard to forget the first broken heart I have, and my first everything that didn’t last. Though it is not easy to say, I’m still wishing you all the best in life. Hope you will find your happiness. Despite the fact that you’ve hurt me, I am still glad i’ve met you and always be thankful to you. God bless!

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  1. bheng says:

    Acceptance is a vital key in letting go. Just leave it up to God and believe that everything happens for a reason.