Fell from the Bicycle…

Today is my schedule of laundry day. I woke up 8 in the morning, fixing myself and having my breakfast together with my nieces. While my nephew is still sleeping I go with doing my laundry. Because I have loads of laundry I wasn’t able to finish early. At around 11 in the morning my nephew woke up, I told my niece who is 7 years old to watch for her brother for a while because I am about to finish my laundry. She is a good girl and really wants to look after her younger brother.

While I am quietly hanging the clothes, I heard my nephew crying and i saw my nephew fell from the bicycle. I grab the baby, I felt so sorry for him. He really feel in pain and his forehead turns to red. I am very angry to my niece because she puts her brother on the bicycle. But I was able to control myself, my niece is still a kid and wants to play with her friends. I felt pity for my nephew. This is a moral lesson to me, never entrust the baby to a kid because they might neglected it because their minds are into play. It is so hard being a nanny of 3 kids, plus doing my household chores. Can’t finish my chores early because I have 3 kids to watch for.

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  1. gracia says:

    followed you gen.. musta ang davao?