Delicious ‘Buko’….

Early this morning my neighbor ask my brother to climb up the coconut tree and get the coco fruit. It is an offer and it is a bad attitude to refuse an offer. As a way of giving thanks, neighbor gives us some fruit from the coconut tree. It is one of the Filipino people’s favorite, eating the fruit from the coconut mix it with milk and biscuits. Especially in the province where we can see lots of coconut tree.

It is a perfect day today because our family is almost complete. Only my younger brother is not home since he has a job. We are helping each other to gather the coco fruit, break it and get the yummy flesh inside. We put it in the container, mixed with milk, biscuits and put in inside the fridge. We call it “buko’ salad but less ingredients. It is our dessert after eating our lunch. It is so yummy and delicious, it’s like we are having a small picnic in the house. A family bonding since most of the member are so busy at work. Seldom to happen in our family.

It is a good feeling doing this because my family had misunderstanding weeks ago. Thanks to our neighbor who gave us coco fruit, that we share and having fun while eating and watching a movie at home.

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