Different Easter Celebration

Today is Easter Sunday, like before my family start the day going to church early in the morning. Early mass at church around 4 in the morning. Like before, woke up early in the morning get ready for church. First time that my sister won’t be here with us. Since she got married last two months ago, she and her husband went to her in laws and celebrates there. We are celebrating Easter mass without her.

Like before the whole used to go to the beach after church, have fun and bring some foods. This year it is a different celebration, we prefer to stay in the house, eat the normal meal, the whole family and playing darts. First time I am able to play darts, before every time i see someone playing I think it is no fun and boring. When I tried it this morning, it was fun and i like it. My father even like it, we laughed and teasing each other. It would be one of m memorable Easter Sunday celebration with the family. Spending the time together and have fun. It is a good bonding and bring the family closer together. Happy Easter everyone!

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