A Holy Week Invitation

To be in the place that i have ever dreamed to visit is dream come true. Although I am not a traveler, but I do like to be with some places here in the Philippines that catches my attention. I have heard of a beautiful place here in Philippines. The place of Camiguin Island, where there are cold and hot spring, cemetery underwater, and a lot more. My sister have the chance to be there, and she told me it was her wonderful experience in her life. She never thought she’ll be there. It is a dream come true for her, going there for free. Shouldered by the school.

Last two days ago, my best friend invited me to go with her family in Camiguin Island. I was so excited and happy, and I visualized the place. All expense paid by my friend. When I told my father about this, he said no! Excitement turn down into sadness, I won’t be able to go there again. My father won’t allow any of us to travel on holy week because lots of accident may happen. He wants us to stay in the house and participate in church activities. Though I am sad, I accepted his decision and told my friend I can’t go with her. I better listen to my father, and besides prevention is better than cure. Have a blessed holy week everyone!

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