Answered Prayer….

After two months of no rain in our city and it is in state of calamity, due to drought heavy rain last night. Heavy rain that lasted for more than an hour. God truly loves His people, He doesn’t want His people that much. He never leave us empty, just hold on to Him and believe in His power and love for us.

People are worried if it will continue no rain because it will increase the basic commodities. Farms in the fields are very dry, crop plants will not grown, rice grains that are planted and other things that people eat to live and survive each day. Hopefully this rain will continue until the farmers recovers for their lost of two months drought. Especially rice, because people in the Philippines is rice eater.

Our longing for rain granted last night, two months of waiting ends. Everybody is happy and very thankful for the prayers was granted after heavy rain last night. I myself so happy and thankful to God, because it will help a lot of people, we really needs rain for our electricity gets from water. Power plant almost dry that’s why we are suffering everyday blackouts. Thank you GOD for all the blessings and for answering our prayer to give us rain.

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