Love Turns Into A Nightmare….

Many romance movies, love story book, and love songs that make us for in love that make us paint and think how wonderful to be in love. When we wake up from this daydreaming, and we realized the love story we are dreaming turns into a nightmare.

Love story turns into a nightmare when incompatibility because we are with the wrong person. Lots of differences like in attitudes, habits and imperfections. Sometimes partners do hide unpleasant character. Every day spent together becomes marked with bitterness. Lots of complains and disagreement. When having a conversation, couples used words as weapon rather than tools of good communication. After hearing the harsh words, they are hurt and feel each other unwanted so decide to end the relationship. And forgets the love they felt for each other.

The opposite of love is indifference and this can destruct the relationship. The relationship will gets broken when the couples strongly believed that things can’t be resolve. Once they start to think that it is hopeless, there is no chance to revive the love and rebuild the foundation of their relationship. Take time to talked calmly and think of the good memories they had. Good communication will help a lot. When other partner is talking, one should listen.

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