When Affection Fades…..

In the beginning of the relationship, couples are affectionate, and very loving. Expresses the love through holding hands, hugging, caressing and wrapping his hands around his girlfriend. This things often do my lovers who are truly and madly fall in love with their partners.

How these things fades?….

When the couples get married, things change. There are lesser display of affection because of familiarity. Due to constant togetherness and sexual intimacy they become affectionate only when ‘in the mood’, especially the husband. They tend to forget that marriage is only the beginning of a life being together. A new life they’re going to build together and a family of their own.

When less affection happens, the wife thinks her husband is cheating on her. Which is not good in a relationship, quarreling and misunderstanding happens. If not solve will lead to broken marriage which affects the life they build especially the kids. As a couple, they have big responsibilities not only to their kids but also to each other. What affection and love they have before should remain forever as they grow old. What they felt when they were boyfriend and girlfriend will make the relationship stronger and successful. Keeping the love and affection will keep the couple together forever.

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