CIty Feast Celebration…

Today our city celebrating 73rd feast celebration. It is a big celebration, lots of good that for sale on a very low prices, rides, concerts and street parade. It celebrated once in a year and so it is a big celebration and lots of events in the city.

My sister and I will be going this afternoon to see the events in the city and in the malls. I took my day off as a nanny to my brother’s kids. I’ll be going with my sister since most of the time I stayed at home, babysitting three kids. I am happy that my sister invited me and treat me this afternoon. She said I need to unwind and have fun alone. It’s been weeks that I haven’t go out of the house and enjoy the life of being single.

I am so thankful to my sister for always been there, even she is married she still have time to treat me and invite me to go to mall with her. I am so excited because it’s been two months we go out together. The last time we go to mall was when we are buying things needed for her wedding. It would be fun because she will treat me foods also. I so love my sister very dearly. I miss her a lot, even we are neighbors and see each other everyday, i missed the times when we are together. Thanks to you Lyn!

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