Perfect Marriage……(Love made in Heaven)

Getting married to someone you love means living together for the rest of you lives. It is a new life shared together and creating a family of their own. Living together with the blessing of marriage enables the couple to see the life beyond engagement days. You will be able to see your partner better. The best way to get to know someone fully is to live with that person day-by-day.

Marriage is lifetime commitment, although it’s just a piece of paper it is a bond between two people in front of God and to people around them. Married couple encouraged each other to work hard in keeping the relationship despite the trials and difficulties. Couple will face the challenges together, because being married means being one. United and equal in all things, no one is above the other

Marriage would be perfect if you have blessings from God, asked guidance from God to give you strength to fight all the trials. Put God always in the center of your relationship because God is LOVE and the source of love. Perfect marriage also building a relationship with trust and good communication. The most important things are dose of LOVE, RESPECT, and UNDERSTANDING.

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