True Love Waits……

Love is a feeling you feel when you feel that you’re going to get a feeling that you never felt before. It is confusing but is true because you’re not forcing yourself to feel, you just fell. Is true love really wait??

Many of us are looking for this true love. How can we find this true love? Is there a qualification? Yes, there is a qualification for true love uses it’s eyes to see and examine the strength and weaknesses of a person. It requires patience for us to understand what is the weaknesses of a person. It takes lots of patience especially when the true love you find is opposite of your attitude. You can’t choose whom to love for it is the heart that dictates the brain. Others says, be practical use your brain in choosing the one you will going to love. But you will ended up not completely happy because you are longing and looking for something that is missing. In finding true love, we will follow what our heart feels and say, and it is under the supervision of our brain that will do the thinking. Sometimes what we felt in our hearts is not true, but most of the time heart really felt whom to love.

True love does not come by accident, it involves effort, prayer and time. It takes thinking, working and caring. True love refrains from enjoying today that which will regret tomorrow. We have to think what our hearts felt, work on it for it to grow stronger and of course we have to take care of that the feeling and the person whom we felt love and be love and makes us complete. Love never fails, so give love and be loved.

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