Poems of My Life….3


When you’re not around
Feel my world tumbling down
What have I done?
That you stabbed me from behind.

How could you do this to me?
You’re hurting me deeply
Want you to face me
And clear everything to me.

Though it really hurts
The moment you broke my heart
Now I’ve realized
That you’re fooling me from the start

I can’t believe you did
The things that should not
Now I know you’re one of them
Whose just playing games.

I regret the time we met
‘Coz you’re not worth it
To keep and cherish
For you are just a big mistake.

Another poem that made me inspired to write. It is a sad poem dedicated to someone who is fooled by the person they choose to love. I wrote this poem back when I was in college, a girl in school cries because his boyfriend is cheating on her. I felt the pain she felt, while sitting beside her and do a little talking I wrote a poem dedicated to her. Hope this poem will inspires the reader. In every pain and heartaches that happens in our life, there is always a reason and purpose. We have just to realize that everything has a purpose. Stand up and move on. GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

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