Funny Baby Talk…

Tuesday morning I woke up with the noisy voice in my ears. When I opened my eyes its the voice of my seven months old nephew, speaking his own language also known as baby talk. Then he climbed on me and keep on talking, it made me smile because its funny to listen. My nephew is really growing very fast. He even call me “mama” sometimes.

Though babysitting is a very tiring job, it is fun to see my nephew doing and speaking his own ways. I am looking forward to see him doing his first step, it would be so nice to look at. The whole day of my life spends taking care of my nephew and niece. Seeing their first everything is a wonderful experiences in me as their aunt.

I imagined if God blessed me to have a baby of my own, and to see the baby growing and hearing the baby talk, it would be one of my most wonderful and unforgettable moment in my life.

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