Lonely Monday….

Everyday I woke up with a smile in face facing the new day. But today I woke up with a lonely face. Because of what had happened in my family, how can i afford to smile?? And I miss my love who is the one giving me strength and the will to go on and hold on. We used to chat every Sunday after church. But yesterday he didn’t come online, i feel the emptiness and have the feeling being alone. How i wish he come online yesterday as I badly needed someone whom i cant talk to and share my feeling. Since I am comfortable talking to him and i trust him with all my heart and he understand me better. But I do understand that he is a busy person.

As I open my computer and came online, no offline from him. The offline messages that used to greet me in the morning, and the offline messages that brighten my day always. I feel the loneliness in me, thinking, does he miss me!? Maybe he is very tired and wanted to take some rest that’s why didn’t come online. I am very understandable person, and I do understand him. Sometimes we have to really missed each other for our relationship to grow stronger.

I am hoping today that we will be able to talk as before. To my love, always remember you will always be in my heart because half of it is You. Hope and prayed you felt that. God bless you always….

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