AmFil Love Story….

Since i started my blogging career and after making 30 posts for me to start this career, i never thought i am lost of words to tell. Then i asked my special someone what to write because i don’t know what to write anymore. So i write this story as he suggested.

Its been six (6) months since i met my one and only love on net. Others might say we have just started and getting to know each other. Months are not enough for me to know the person, especially he is living from the other side of the world. As we do not have the same culture, he is far from me anything might happen or he would meet someone new online. Yes, that’s scared me but i do trust him 100% and I strongly believed that he is the one that God has given to me.
As the days go by, i cant imagine that he keep on saying she love me and fell in love with each day. Always thanking him for loving me and my family.

I can say that our love story is made from heaven, for he came in the right time, perfect time and I prayed to God to meet someone like him. Though our love story is as simple and short like this, it will be forever and long lasting because God always guide us to the right way and bless us in everyday we are living apart. There are many trials and difficulties as we have just started to build a strong relationship, hope and pray we will make it through thick and thin.

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