Mom’s Precious Little One…

A baby is a gem in every mother’s eye and she will do everthing his jewel all the comfort and love from the mother to her jewel.

No one can ever compared the joy and happiness of the mother after 9 months of carrying the baby in the womb and seeing it first time after giving birth. Its a dream come true of bringing a new life into this world. All the pain will vanished the moment a mother see her precious little one. The loving arms of the mother will make the baby being love and welcoming the baby into this world.

There are so many kinds of mother in the world today, a working mother, full time mother, single mother, and a teenage mother. No matter which of these you belong, bottom line is a mother always love and think for the better future of thier baby. Norture them with all the love and care they culd give for thier child. A mother is the first teacher of thier child, a mother teacher the values, the good and the bad, and to be a better individual as they grow older.

A mother is fulfiled when they saw thier baby grow, become successful and have a life of thier own and have a family of thier own. Good or bad, success and failure, heartaches, pain and happiness of thier child, a mother will always be there. A mother is a person that always count on and find comfortin every child. A loving arms of the mother that makes them secured and safe.

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