Who is the Boss?

From the very beginning God created man and woman equally. No one is above over the other. When man and woman joined together under the contract of marriage, why there is an issue of who is the boss?..

It is important to observe that nowhere in the bible that the husband is the boss. Some husbands are beating thier wife to proved they are the boss. The battered wife as they say, man is more stronger than woman thats why they felt they are the boss. How can a man have a loving and caring wife if they want to be the boss? Love your wife as you love your own, why beating her and treating her like a slave?

To begin with, a husband is the provider in the family. Financially provides money for the family. He is also the protector in the family, to ensure his family is in safety. How can the wife and kids feels being protected if thier own protector is beating them. Not treating them as family, but thinking he is the boss because he provides for the family?

The wife is the heart of the family, supply the grace and beauty in the house. Making the home an earthly paradise, a nice place to live in together with thier kids. A woman true beauty is comes from within, a kind heart, her virtues and character and can create the picture of peace in the family.

So, there is no boss in the family. The husband is the head and the wife is the heart, And the head and the heart must work together. The husband must love his wife as he loves himself, and wife must respect her husband. Christ is the third party needed for every success of every marriage.

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