Nourishing a Relationship

What happens to a relationship when your boyfriend is twice older than you!?

As what the saying goes, “age doesn’t matter”. But actually it really matters in terms of thinking, understanding and level of maturity. Especially when the girl is the younger one, there is a feeling of being jealous every time she see him talking to other girls. Cannot control the feeling she felt inside her. And its the start of misunderstanding and sometimes lead to end up the relationship. Because the guy cant take it anymore the doubts the girls has. To them they felt like being choked, and hand capped.

There are various ways on nourishing a relationship, to make it grow stronger as the days past, to make each other grow together, and make the relationship last longer. Each should have a wide understanding, if u have doubts asked and be ready to listen to the explanation. Don’t just come up into your own conclusion, that will kill the feelings you have for him. Be supportive in everything that he do, don’t just criticized him. It will lead him to lost some interest in you. Have a since of humor, to add some spices in your relationship. Laughter will add more memories you have being shared together, being silly sometimes is good. Know each others likes and dislikes, and respect it. Good communication will also help in nourishing a relationship like this.

Two different people starting to have a life of their own needs to nourished the relationship they had. For it to become a long lasting one. Age doesn’t really matters at all, its the level of understanding and maturity of each person. And most important thing, never forget to say I LOVE YOU if you can.. To make each other more special and more loved by you.

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