Honey, I’m Pregnant!

Honey, I’m pregnant! For some couples, that’s good news. But for others, it’s bad news!

It is good to some married couples, especially the newlywed couples. It is a gift from God that they will have shared together. They said a house without a child is as quiet as a forest. No noise of a baby like crying and laughing. But when the wife is pregnant, that’s a good news to every husbands ear. For other couples, it is bad news especially if this is not their first baby. More obligations and more mouth to feed. They will end up aborting the baby, for they do not wanting another child. When the wife says, I’m pregnant….the husband says, again!? They need to know the family planning program.

Honey, I’m pregnant! What shall we do!?

For an unmarried girl especially young ones, it is really bad news. It is a mixed emotions, happy, feel blessed and nervous. Girls are nervous for they don’t know what to do. How will they tell to their parents their current situation. So, they tell to their boyfriends the situation they are in to. But they take a no answer to their questions. Boyfriends don’t have the courage to face the responsibilities and obligations after the baby is born. Others do suggest for an abortion, the easy gate away to the upcoming responsibilities.

Many pillows have been wet for the tears they have been shed for many nights. Nights and nights of crying is stressful to every pregnant woman. Some are choose to abort the baby for they are young, and boyfriend is gone. Others choose to go on with their pregnancy, the strong woman who is willing to take the risk of having the baby alone. It is not easy, but they have the courage to face it. With the help of their family, they can survive and have experienced the life of being a mother and a father at the same time. Some single parent are a fighter, never a quitter.

For us to avoid these kind of situations especially unmarried ones, its good to say NO and WAIT TILL WE GET MARRIED!

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