Wedding Invitation..

Today i woke up early because i will start printing my sister’s wedding invitation. I am very excited, because its my first time to do it and i am doing it for my sister. Because i want to help her in her wedding preparation.. After preparing the papers to be use for printing, i open the file and was about to start printing.

With a smile in my face because am very excited, i opened the printer. I was shocked when the printer create a noise and its not moving. My printer is not cooperating, the smile in my face is replaced by frown. How can i start printing when the printer is not cooperating. I have tried to figure out whats wrong with the printer, but cant figure it out. How I wish i know how to fixed and know whats the problem is…. I have decided to turn it off and maybe to call a technician to look for it.

My day is not so good after what had happened to my plans. Instead of doing the wedding invitation to be print today, i ended up doing the laundry. What a day for me…am still thankful for what happened because i have done other things….laundry. Maybe printing will be done some other time before the month of January. One week before the wedding we will be able to distribute those invitations..

Life is like that, everything might happened along the way. Am glad it happens early because we have enough time to adjust, no pressure. Its a matter of accepting the trials, even its small, embrace trials and challenges…

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