The Wonder of You!

When no one else can understand me? When everything i do is wrong?
You gave me love and consolation, You gave me strength to carry on..
I guess I’ll never know the reason why, You love me as you do……
That’s the wonder, the wonder of YOU!!!

A line from a song that keeps in my mind, every time i think about you. Think about how blessed I am for having you in my life. Knowing that you’re always there listening to me and spending time talking to me even you are very busy at work.

I never thought someone like you could love someone like me. A simple, conservative, old fashioned, shy……that’s how I considered myself is. Until u came into my life, u showed me the real me. You make me more comfortable of myself, and i am comfortable sharing my life with you. You have changed my life into a better and a colorful world. You have put a meaning into my life.

Other says, i will grow old alone. Makes me scared to think about it… But always keep in my mind that God has someone for me….God is preparing the perfect gift for me….The gift of having you is worth the wait… Never regret of being single up to this age……I am saving myself for the one who is worth it…And you have proved it that your worth the wait…

Loving, caring, sweet, patient, funny,……….all the good things in the world can be labeled to you.. That’s how blessed I am of having you… Am praying that we will be together in the near future, sharing a life together, and have a happy family…. What i have seen in you are wonderful things that any girls are looking for in a man…. That’s the wonder of you…

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  1. ladyguinevere28 says:

    Patience is a virtue.. Good luck for your new career Mrs. Joyner…:-)