The Funny Wedding…

A wedding is a ceremony, wherein a two couple take their vow of love to each other, promised to love each other until their last breath.

Last may of this year, me and my sister attended a wedding for our friend. We are apologizing at the church because we are laughing secretly. We are asking, why the bride’s face is frowning? make up is not so good as well as the bridesmaids make-up. The whole ceremony at the church ends with a smiling groom and a frowning bride.

At the reception the bride is still frowning…. while the program is on going people are busy talking, its like they are having their own business….. In the middle of the ceremony is the eating time…. when the host said, foods are ready….suddenly people are so quiet. When the foods are served, people are going wild….seems like they are very hungry… noisy while having the food prepared by the couple.

After an hour the celebration is over… we do get the chance to come near the newly wed couple, extend our congratulations. And saying our warmest thank you for inviting us to witness her most important day of a woman’s life…..or should i say important moment of her life.

My sister get the chance to talked to the bride, and asked why she is frowning, looks like she is not happy… She said, she don’t like the make up, she felt very ugly that’s why she is frowning. The make up artist cut her hair, so she is angry and all come out during the ceremony.
Me and my sister is an observant visitor, sorry to say this but we are….And we thought it was a funny wedding because only the groom enjoys the whole ceremony….well, the bride is happy but not visible because she is frowning…..and its all for the make up and the hair…

A bride has to be very beautiful, stress free to make her important day memorable, special and a happy one…..not a frowning bride….

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