Signs of old age!?

Is it true that only carabao grows old?
Is the signs of old age do exist!?

why i have this pain in my back?? they said, when u reach the age of 30 u will going the feel the pain like this because your getting old…..therefore am i already old…..? or just really tired of doing too much work in the house?

Before, when i was in my 20’s i do love doing things at home, laundry, cleaning the house, washing dishes and cooking… these are the things that i did in my early age up to now.. in addition, i am babysitting my 2 niece and a nephew… maybe i am really tired…..enough of doing those things….i need to rest sometimes…because i love my family, am doing these for them…

I need to relax and unwind sometimes…but today i felt the pain in my entire body……felt like am shaking…need to rest but i cant…i have to do the things that am used to do at home… put in my mind that i am okay, and not in good condition…and never forget to say THANK YOU GOD for another day that He has given to me…..always there to lighten my day, to make things easy for me….and of course for giving me the one that i have been praying for a long time….my love is worth the wait….he is far from me but close to my heart….also thank YOU for bringing the colors to my life and in my daily life..

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  1. anne says:

    pa check up na lagi hehehe