Changed Password

I am on vacation for nine (9) days with my father, brother and two nephews.  I took the chance to be away from the busy city and have some time to rest on doing the household chores.  I do not intend to bring laptop because I want to relax and stay away from online life for a moment.  However, my work is online so I have to bring laptop to check if I have writing jobs.  Since the battery of my laptop needs to be replace, I asked the sister if I can borrow hers.  I am glad she said yes.

In my two days at the province, I thought of checking my account in paid site to see if I have writing job.  The problem is I do not memorized my password.arghs!  I have to change my password in the paid site I am working and change the password also of my social media accounts.  If only I have saved the passwords in my phone or in my notebook I do not need to change password.  I am glad that I memorized my yahoo mail password or else I am dead.  This is a lesson that I should learn.  After what happened, I have saved all the passwords in my phone, and notebook.  So, when I forgot the password, I have a copy.

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Gadgets to ease the boredom

Stranded!  Yes, we are  stranded at the port of Cagayan de Oro because the tickets for Bohol are fully booked.  We cannot get any ticket even a chance passenger ticket.  We we’re stranded for eight hours and it was like days of being there looking at the horizon and do not know what are we going to do.  There is a way though to reach Bohol but via Cebu.  Long route and it will cost us.  But I’d rather get it than stay stranded.right?  The vessel going to Cebu will leave at 7 in the evening.  We have to wait for eight hours doing nothing at the port.  Times like that, I really appreciate the importance of my gadgets.

While waiting for the boarding time, I played games on my tablet while my father playing games on my cellphone/mobile phone.  It eases our boredom indeed.  The problem is that the gadgets are running out of battery.  We have to recharge it so we can receive message and calls from our family back home especially my older sister who is monitoring about his son who is with us.  My tablet and phone are battery empty.  Good thing my father’s vintage phone has enough battery, they can contact us still.  Times like this, I do not regret buying those gadgets.  They are my investments from the online job I earned.

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How to Optimize Videos to Embed on Blogs

movaviOne of the most popular ways to publish video content on blogs is to embed it from an online video sharing platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. The advantages of doing so are easy – not only do you reduce the ‘load’ on your website and the bandwidth of your webhost, but also you get to capitalize on the platform’s features such as adjustable resolutions.

That being said, before you upload your video to any of these platforms – you will want to optimize it first. Although many platforms generally support a wide range of video formats and settings, each one still has certain ‘recommended settings’ and it is worth adhering to them to make sure that your videos turn out properly.

If you want to you could look up the recommended settings and convert your video from  MP4 to MPEG or any other format to match them yourself – but with Movavi Video Converter there is a much easier way to do so. The software comes with numerous presets that cater to all types of devices and online video sharing platforms – so all that you really need to do is select one for the platform that you’re using and let it handle the rest.

As you can see, optimizing a video to embed on blogs is really very straightforward with Movavi Video Converter, but to ensure the best results you should also take advantage of its other features. By using it to cut and combine segments of video, enhance the video quality, crop or rotate the video, and add customizable text, you will be able to improve your video prior to uploading it.

More importantly, the software can also do a lot more to produce media files based on your videos. In particular you will find that using its capabilities to create animated GIFs from your video clips, extract audio tracks from videos, and grab screenshots from video frames are extremely useful and open up tons of options in terms of how you use video content on your blog.

In short, with Movavi Video Converter you can quickly optimize your videos to embed them on a blog while also making use of them in various other ways. To put it simply, the software can be used as an ‘all-in-one’ media converter that will be essential to help you prepare videos and other media files for your blog.

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Precinct-Count Optical Scanners

What is PCOS Machine?  This is an Optical Scanners that will be using during election period.  This is a machine that will read votes based on pencil markings.  The country has been using this machine since 2010.  I must say, it was the first time computerized election in the history of the Philippines.  This is for faster count of votes, transferring of data is faster, and early determination of the winners compared to manual counting of votes.  It was a good idea, however, there were issues that some machines are failures.  But in fairness to the authority, they were able to fixed it to pursue the election day.

The country will be having national election this month.  And there are issues circulating that the machine is not performing well.  I have seen on social media and on the news about these issue.  Whether it is true or not, I hope that they will fixed this before the election day.  I also hope that the authority/administration will not use this machines to cheat to make sure the victory of their candidate/s.  As what I have read and seen of those OFW’s who already voted and disappointed of the result on their receipt.  I pray to God that He will give us clean and honest election.  Also pray that this machine won’t be an instrument of unfair/cheating election.

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