It is busted for the second time

My beloved tablet is busted for the second time. I am sad because I just have spent money to have it fixed after the nephew broke it. It is partly my fault for not keeping my promise to not let the kids play with it anymore. But how can I say no to their cry and their screaming begging for me to let them play the tablet. I allow them to play with it with my supervision. It was not my nephew who broke the tablet this time, it is my niece. She wanted to play with it while the nephews are sleeping.

I trusted her because I think she is old enough to handle it with care. So, I let her play with it. But before I give it to her I told her to be careful. I went to take a nap but when I wake up she told me she accidentally fells on the ground. Angry? Yes, I am very much. Again, the damage is already done. I just hope that the damaged is not serious so the payment is lesser. When my tablet is fixed, I will never let any of the kids play with it. I have to be strict this time because twice is too much.

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Early Christmas gift for myself

 photo 03dee063-00f3-4b6e-b472-4bd288ded3ca_zps77567ee6.jpg

My plan is to buy new phone this Christmas. The Christmas and birthday present that I would give for myself. I am looking for a phone that I am going to buy already. I just have to wait for the day. However, the plan was changed because of my older brother. Yes, he is the reason because he keeps on bugging me to give to him my old phone. He likes my old Samsung phone. At first I am hesitant to give it to him because my old phone was the first phone that I bought from the money I earned through blogging. It has sentimental value I must say. But giving it to my brother is a joy in my heart as well.

Before the brother leaves the house for his new job, I handed to him my old phone. I can see in his face that he is so happy. Even if the phone is three years in my position, it is still in good condition because I took good care of it. I value the things that I bought from blogging. Anyways, the photo I shared here is my new phone. My new baby and the new fruit of my labor online. Also, it phone is my early Christmas and birthday present for myself.

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We can’t contact him

Few days ago, we are commemorating the death anniversary of my late mother. It has been 26 years since she left us. Just like the previous years, we visited her tomb; light candles for her and offers prayers for her. The mother’s death anniversary is one of the important dates/events in the family. Remembering her day is one way of letting her know that we remember her always, love her and that she has special place in our hearts. However, the celebration is not complete because the youngest in the family is not with us. He did not able to come and visit the tomb of our mother.

It is so sad that the younger brother did not able to come. We have tried to contact him few days before the death anniversary of our mother, but we can’t reach his number. We do not know if he uses the same number or got a new one. Though we did not able to contact him, still we are hoping that he will come for the mother’s death anniversary. We just guess, he chooses not to come because his wife is no longer welcome in our home. She committed a sin that is too difficult for us to forgive her. Our only means of communication is through mobile phone, hopefully we will be able to contact him soon.

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More games in my tablet

The kids at home always fight who will play first with the tablet. We have four techie kids at home. Every time they see me playing with my tablet, they beg me to play with it. Only the younger one wins because of crying tactic. He is very noisy, banging the screen door, screaming, and throwing everything he sees. To avoid those things from happening, I have to prioritize him. And because of this priority, he broke my tablet. It fells on the floor and LCD is broken. The older niece grabs the tablet because she wants to play and the young one refused to give it so it fells on the floor.

My tablet is fixed now but I did not allow any of them to play with it. But sometimes, I do break the rules especially if I want to sleep and rest. Playing the tablet is the only way to keep the nephew quiet. Good thing they learned how to share now. They aren’t grabbing when someone is playing with the tablet. They learned lesson after it fells on the floor I guess. The problem is that I only have three games downloaded in my tablet because I do not have memory card already. It gets boring playing the same games over again. I need to download more games. I even get bored playing three games always. It is time for me to buy memory card so I can download more games in my tablet. More games coming soon for me and the kids.

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