The charger is busted

First it was the tablet, now it is the charger. Arghs!  Problems really comes in an unexpected time.  I do not know what went wrong because I am taking good care of my staff.  I do not remember that it fell on the floor either.  I guess it has something to do with the quality of the products/materials.  I am really sad because I just spent money fixing the tablet few months ago, now I have a feeling I have to spend again to buy new charger.  I can’t play with the tablet because the battery is empty.  We have several chargers at home, but none fits to my tablet.

I went to some shops and it is frustrating that there is none original battery available for sale, even on the store where I bought the tablet.  The chargers that are available are First class and pirated.  It is cheaper, there is no guarantee that it will last longer.  I am still looking for a store where I could buy original charger, if I won’t find one, I guess I will consider buying first class or pirated one whichever is cheaper.  Think the cheaper is the pirated one.  They say that it is not advisable to buy pirated one, but what can we do when original charger is not available.  Tsk…tsk….tsk..

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Thank you brother for the new stand fan

The second hand stand fan that my brother bought few months ago did not last longer.  Though we are not expecting that it would last longer since it is a second hand item.  Buying second hand is not a good idea but if you are in a tight budget, you might consider buying second hand item because it is cheaper.  The only problem is that it will gets busted on an unexpected time.  That is what happened to the second hand fan that the brother bought.  The timing is so bad because it is summer and the weather is very hot.  Me and the nieces are having difficult time to sleep at night for almost two weeks.

I want to ask the other older brother if he has extra so I can buy new electric fan but I refrain from doing so because I have asked several favors already.  I kind of ashamed to ask again.  However, thinking of more sleepless and sweating night, guess I cannot stand it anymore.  So I asked the brother.  I am so glad that I have a kind and generous brother.  He gave me money to buy new electric fan right away.  I bought stand fan from the money that brother gave me.  Thank you very much brother.  God bless you always!

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Five hours black out

When we say black out, it does not sounds good because it means no electricity and no water.  I have experience those and I must say it really sucks.  The worse is when black out happens at night on the summer season.  Yes, we have black out yesterday.  I heard it is Mindanao wide.  It In our place, the black out starts at 12:00 midnight. It was the worse night that I have.  I did not able to sleep well because I am sweating the whole night.  It was the sweating night that I ever had.  I don’t usually open the window of my room but last night I open it but no signs of wind.

Hours of no electricity is not easy.  We are glad that the electricity is back after five hours.  However, it went of again at nine in the morning.  Something is wrong with the electricity I bet.  We want to know the cause of the Mindanao wide black out but we cannot watch tv or listening to the radio to know the latest news about the cause of black out.  No electricity, no water and sweating is indeed worse situation.  The electricity is back again and I hope that they have fixed the  problem so there won’t be hours of black out anymore.

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Back to normal now

I have been complaining of how slow my internet connection many times already.  I visited my internet provider as well and asked why my connection is very slow.  They have this Fair Use Policy that means if I reached 3GB in a day I will have slower browser speed.   Which I do not like because I have to wait till midnight to have my normal browsing speed.  It is really frustrating especially when I am doing my blog hop.  I cannot open multiple links because it will become slower.  Every time I am logging in  to my blogs it will took several attempts to finally log in.  This is the reason I seldom update my blogs because of my internet connection.  I do not like to open my laptop anymore and do my online stuffs because of the slow connection.

Last month was my worse internet connection problem.  They have new policy, when I reached 3GB in a month, my connection will be slower and will be back to normal the following month.  How worse is that?  I did not bother to visit my internet provider because they will give me the same reason.  The reason that I don’t really understand.  And I do not want to understand.     Why they have this Fair Use Policy?  Why not do something to accommodate and give their clients/customers the proper service?   Since I reached 3GB in 10 days last month, I waited for 20 long days to get back normal browsing.  I patiently waited even if I am angry.  This month my browsing speed is back to normal.  Should I be glad?  I don’t know because I have to watch my usage. arghs!

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