Perfect for my table

I bought new table few months ago.  It will be my working table because I will be putting my laptop, magazines for writing reference, papers, pen and other stuffs that is helpful in my online part-time job.  The size of the table is just enough for my laptop, other stuffs and it will not take more space in my tiny room.  My working table looks really nice.  Makes me want to stay long and work very hard.  However, there is one thing missing on my table.  It would look nicer if I put this polyester tablecloth on.  With very nice color, it would make my working place, also known as my room beautiful.  I just have to pick the right size for my table and of course my favorite color.

How about you?  Did you put tablecloth on your working table?  Or maybe tables in your home?

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The Fair Use Policy

I have been in my internet provider for three years now. In those years, I do not have any issues with my internet access. I have unlimited access and the signal is good except for bad weather days. I am used to it when the weather is bad and I am able to adjust already. I am satisfied with my provider so I do not have any plans of transferring to another provider, until just recently. I have been receiving messages about their fair use policy. Instead of 3G browsing speed, they are shifting it to 2G when I reached 1GB data usage in a day.

It seems like I have limited internet access already because 2G is very slow for me. My browsing is kept on turning and even said, problem loading. Because of slow browsing speed, it will take me some time to finish my task online. I am planning to visit my internet provider and ask about this shifting browsing speed. Though I have read on the link they send to me about fair use policy, still I am not contended and understand why they have to do it. To me, instead of reducing it to be fair to all subscribers, why not increasing it for their customers’ sake and satisfaction, right?

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Hope the brother can fix it

Today, I am doing my laundry because I want to take a rest on Saturday. I have loads of laundry to do. So even if I am not feeling really well, I still do the laundry with the help of our 17 years old washing machine. Very old, right? It has been in service for a very long time now and it is still useful. But today while in the middle of doing my laundry, I feel that the washing machine is making a sound. And the water is draining even if I did not switch it to drain mode. I guess the washing machine is tired and will soon retire.

I have told the brother who is an electrician about the problem of the washing machine. He will check it on Sunday to see if he can fix it or we need to buy new washing machine. I do hope it can be fixed because we do not have money to buy new one for now. We are on a tight budget. It is really difficult to do the laundry without washing machine especially doing the jeans, curtains, bed sheets, blankets and towel. Though I am used to hand wash, but with loads of it, I need the help of the washing machine. Hope the washing machine still works until such time we have budget to buy new one.

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Encourage them to read books and go to the library

Even though I said that I will not help them with their assignments so that they won’t be dependent on us. I want them to their homework’s on their own. I believe that from doing so, they will be more independent, also, for them to be studios. They do not have to wait for us to help them. Just like what I have experience when I was at their age. No one is helping me doing my assignments. It is hard at first but eventually I am able to do it alone. I have to depend on myself alone. I can say that I am more friendly to books and fond of going to the library.

However, as the modern technology sits in going to the library to research and doing homework, students go directly to the internet cafe, or facing the computer at home to research. They are more dependent on the computers and internet. It is sad, but it is the reality now. We have to adopt the advantage and advancement of modern technology. This is what my nieces do every time they have homework. They are too lazy to open their books, read books and going to the library. They always ask favor from me if I could allow them to use my laptop to do research about their assignments. I do not like them being too lazy to open book and go to the library but I do not have choice. I have to let them so they can do their homework. Even so, I always tell them and encourage them to read their books and go to the library to their homework because too much dependent to computer/internet is not good.

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