The phone is now fixed

Few weeks ago, I have bought cellphone/mobile phone for my niece.  It is the reward I gave because she did well at school.  She finished with honors.  And I have promise to give her a phone if she will finished with honors.  She was so happy when I brought her to the mall and let her pick the phone that she likes.  It is her first time to have a phone so she is so excited and curious of her gadgets.  She can’t get it off her hands so to speak.  She keeps on browsing and listening to the tones, looking at the graphics as her wall paper, and taking pictures.  There are no games yet, so she asked her parents to download few games on her phone.

Unluckily, her brother broke her phone.  They brought it to the technician and now it is fixed.  She smiled after seeing her fixed phone.  But her parents did not give it to her yet.  They will buy rubber to protect the phone if it fell, screen protector and will download more games too before giving it back to her.  Also, they will leave few words for her to take good care of her phone well.  I do hope that this time, niece will be more careful and will take good care of her things.

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Will give a perfect capture

Photos taken are remembrance of important events in our life. May it be sad or happy moments. When we missed someone or something, and we want to look back, we just have to get the photos that we have to bring back those memories. This is what cameras can do for us. Travellers, adventurous people and hunters always bring camera with them to capture interesting things/stuffs they have seen. Among those that I have mentioned, I guess the most difficult one is the hunter’s job to take a photo because they usually do it at night or when it is dark. The surrounding is so dark bringing a nice camera that will give a perfect capture is very important. If you like to go hunting you can find the best hunting cameras here. It has wide selection of cameras to choose from. It will surely give you perfect shot and capture. So, enjoy your hunting bringing the camera that will make you smile for every photo you capture.

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The gift for the job well done

 photo cp1_zpsdffdae94.pngAs a promised that I will give them a reward if they finished with honors, I am buying the niece (Ella) a phone.  She really wants a phone so I am challenging her that is she finish with honors, I will buy her one.  Because she did well at school, she will be receiving a phone from me.  She wants a touch screen phone, so I am buying the one she likes.  I have something in my mind already of what to buy; however, buying her what I want instead of what she likes is not good.  So, I am rewarding the phone she likes.

Anyways, the phone I am sharing here is the phone that I bought for the niece.  She picks it personally.  We went to six different stores looking for the phone she likes.  The phone is not that expensive so when she told me she wants it, I said okay right away.  The timing is perfect because the store is on sale.  And the phone that the niece picked is on sale.  I am so happy because I saved 300 pesos.  Big smile on the niece face after paying it and handing it to her.  I told her to take good care of it and be careful always.  Congratulations Ella, good job!

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Watched it online

Image not mine

Last Valentine’s day, my friend and I agreed to watch the most talked love story movie, Starting Over Again, but we did not able to watch it on that day.  We did not arrive on time; the only available is the last full show.  Watching the last full show is not possible to me because my father will get so worried if I go home very late.  My friend understands it because she knows my father, so we decided to eat dinner and go window shopping.  She is working far from the city, and will be back after a week.  Her busy schedule and my schedule do not meet.  In short we did not able to watch the movie together.

I have heard that the movie is really nice.  It is not the usual happy ending of the lead actor and actress.  I seldom hear this kind of story in the country so I am so eager to watch it.  I asked my friend if she did watch the movie.  She did with her mom and said it story is really nice.  Since it is not available in cinema anymore and the original copy will come out in 2-3 months, I tried to search online if it is available.  Luckily, a friend shared the link of the movie.  I am able to watch the movie online.  Yes, the story is nice.  The ending is realistic, but it is not my cup of tea.  Why?  Because I do not like the girl chasing the man after she dumped  Thanks to my computer, my internet connection and to the one sharing the link.

Did you watch the movie?  Do you like it? What do you think about the story?

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