Downloading recipes in my tablet

Well, cooking is one of my favorite things to do at home.  I like to serve the family with my cooking skills and I want to cook new recipe for them as much as I could.  I like to see them eating and savoring the foods that I cooked.  However, my cooking skills is limited.  I want to try new foods this time because I have cooked for them the same foods over and over again.  I want them to taste new foods, viands to be exact because my family really loves to eat.  One of our bonding moments is eating that is why we are plus size..shhhh!

I bought cookbook before but I only tired few because I am not familiar with the recipe, and I lost my cookbook.  Just recently, I have thought of collecting new recipes online and downloaded it in my tablet for future use.  The family will have several occasions to celebrate this year and it would be best to try new recipe, different from the usual foods that we cooked every occasion.  I have downloaded few recipe already and I am so excited to try it soon.  I am pretty sure that my family will love it.

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More Educational Games

I want to keep my tablet away from my nieces and nephews because my first ever tablet was busted because of them.  Most of the time I play with my tablet when they are not around.  But there are times that they saw me playing and want to borrow.  I always refused because I promised not to let them play with it after what happened to my old tablet.  The girls are so eager of what games I downloaded in my tablet.  They know some games and told me to download it but I did not because for sure they will always bugs me.

Since kids are so techie nowadays, I prefer to download more educational games.  It would be very helpful to them especially to my nephews whose just started schooling.  Aside from they are enjoying it, they also learned from it.  The girls won’t be bothering me to borrow the tablet because most of the games I downloaded are for nursery and kinder students.  I tried played with it and it is nice.  I am enjoying it actually.  The nephews did not try it yet, but soon I will let them play with it for them to learn.  Of course with my supervision so my tablet is safe.  Once is enough, so to speak!

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Blogging without lights is not easy

After hours of facing the laptop thinking of what to write, finally I have something to share tonight.  I am browsing on the internet, checking what it latest on Twitter and Facebook and looking at photos because my mind is still empty of what to write.  Honestly, I do not have any idea in my mind.  I am squeezing my brain very hard to come up with an idea because I need to update my blog.  It has been days since the last update.  I guess Lord is looking at me and wanted to help me because in the middle of my thinking the bulb is busted.

Oh yeah, light in my room shuts down.  Even if the room is so dark still I am trying my best to update my blogs.  So, my share tonight is my experience of blogging without lights.  This is not new to me though because it happens several times already.  Indeed it is very difficult blogging without light.  I am only depending on the light that comes from the screen.  My eyes are teary and mosquitoes are making their presents too.  But my determination of updating my blogs does not stop me from doing it even without lights.  Whew*  It is not easy and I am glad I am done.  I thank the bulb for giving me an idea what to share here.  Goodnight folks!

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Do not use while charging

Before I have this habit of using my phone while charging.  When I am talking to someone, texting to someone, listening to music, searching online using my phone and checking latest on my Facebook and Twitter account.  I always used my phone even it is still charging.  I really do not care if the phone get so hot while using it.  All I care is that I am enjoying what I am doing.  Funny thing is I wish there is a phone that does not need to be charge, I will surely buy it.  And that is so impossible.haha!

However, after hearing and seeing news on television about the victims of electricuted.  This news is an awareness to those mobile users to avoid accident.  This incident scares me a lot.  And I guess I have to stop this habit of using the phone while charging.  My niece also have this habit and I always remind her of the danger of continue doing it.  I showed her the photos of those victims shared on Facebook for her own good.  Sometimes she listens but most of the time she is not and it makes me so angry.arghs!  But I will not stop reminding her to not use the phone while charging.

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