Interested to buy Non-Stick Frying Pan

One of the things that my father does when he wakes up in the morning is to turn on the television.  He likes to watch the latest news even if it makes him angry most of the time especially when the news is all about politics, oil price hike and drugs.  I must say he is so affected with these issues that is why I told him to stop watching news for it makes him angry and will trigger high blood pressure.  But still watching for this is his way of easing the boredom at home.

One day he got bored of hearing the same news over and over again.  While watching television he keeps on changing channels until he bumps into shop tv channel.  The shop tv is introducing the non-stick frying pan.  It is a set at a lesser price.  He got interested and does not change channel on that day.  After watching the show, he told me that he is interested to buy the non-stick frying pan set.  He copied the contact number also.  I do not know what comes in his mind that he is so interested to buy it.  The advertisement is effective because it got my father’s attention.  It got me so excited too to try this non-stick frying pan soon.  It will for sure makes my cooking job easy especially when frying fish, pork, eggs, and the likes.  Happy cooking so to speak.

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Downloaded Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Every time I am updating my blogs, I never forget to have my dictionary with me for sometimes I am not familiar with the words I am using, I automatically check of the meaning.  I sometimes use word/words that I read before and thought of using it to give some variety to my article.  This is also to make sure I am using the word/s correctly.  Yes, I promised to use only simple English words, however, sometimes I feel like using other terms to make it sound nice.  It is also good to use other words for it widens my vocabulary.  I used to be a bookworm, but when this new technology surfaces, I seldom open or read books.  My bad. 🙁

When I saw an application of Merriam-Webster Dictionary, I downloaded it without second thought.  It really helps me a lot especially when I am out and feel like writing while waiting for someone, I can search for the meaning of the word/s using my phone or tablet.  I am really glad that this app is invented.  My niece saw me searching for the meaning of the word she asked me once and thought of downloading it to her phone.  Instead of bringing the heavy two volume dictionary that we have, it is best to have it on her phone.  Not heavy and she can search the meaning of the word easily and fast.  Technology these days really helps in our daily life.  Sad that we are dependent with the technology but happy for it makes our work easy and fast.  Still thankful of this development but let us not forget the old ways.

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Hope they will not disconnect me yet

Argsh!  Laziness strikes me today.  I am supposed to go to the mall to pay my internet bills today.  But after church I do not want to go out anymore.  I feel the need to get some more rest and sleep for I got too tired this week.  I have an overdue account and my internet provider already sent me message to settle my overdue account to continue using their service.  The new bill will be sent soon that is why they are sending me message to avoid disconnection.  I am used to it and I do not mind if they will cut off my connection.  I can go settle it if disconnection happens.LOL!

I am being irresponsible again of my bills.  I have this habit of procrastination.  Most of the time I pay bills on the due date.  I am a last minute payer.  Well, I cannot go out during weekdays because I babysit two nephews.  In the morning I have to send and fetch the kids from school.  In the afternoon, instead of going out I like to take the chance to rest and catch up from sleeping.  On weekends, I prefer to stay at home to rest as well.  Sometimes I pay my bill at the mall during Sundays, but today I felt lazy to go out.  I went to the sister if she will go to the mall and asked if she could pay my bill for me.  I am glad she agreed but last minute she changed her mind.  I guess I have to pay my internet bill next weekend.  Hopefully they will not disconnect me this week.

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Many Embrace the Ministry to Obtain Physical and Mental Health

Mental and physical health is an increasingly great concern for many people today. They’re interested in feeling better, getting over disease, and generally living a happy life. For many of these people, the answers may be fleeting. Others have taken to various ministries to give them the physical and mental health they’re after. Some ministries are now promising that the Gospel of the Kingdom will provide healing that can’t come from any other source. It’s an unconventional message that is finding a home with many individuals today.

Healing and miracles have long been a topic of controversy within the religious world. Some see healing as a sign of God’s promise, while others see healing as a random coincidence. More and more people are coming to see that there is value in the ministry when it comes to healing the sick. Individuals are discovering that positive thinking can help their loved ones fight off whatever terrible disease is afflicting them. Even if the ministry itself cannot provide direct healing, it can provide a positive attitude adjustment that can improve recovery from certain diseases.

Many ministry leaders today are claiming that good healing techniques can work in conjunction with modern medicine. Much of the criticism of Christian healing in the past has come because people have chosen not to seek medical assistance, choosing instead to seek out healing from ministry leaders. This has had fatal consequences, especially for the children who’ve been unable to function without proper medical care. Things have changed in the current day. Healing techniques from ministry leaders work right along with the medical care provided by doctors. People don’t have to choose from one or the other when it comes to their own health or the health of their children. Rather, they can get the best of both worlds.

New media ministries are allowing people to tap into the good mental and physical health that comes with a positive message. With videos, seminars, and other types of media being readily available, individuals today do not have to make a special trip to go see a pastor. They can take advantage of what these ministers have to offer from the comfort of their own homes. This creates a more convenient way to engage with the ministry, and it allows people to go at their own pace.

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