New Stuffs in the Kitchen

It is in my wish list last Christmas to buy new stuffs in the kitchen.  I have started listing the things to buy in the kitchen while cleaning the house.  I do this every time I am doing the general cleaning at home.  The kitchen is my second favorite place at home.  I would like to make our kitchen clean and with complete with kitchen wares.  Also, to help me out in making my kitchen organize I search online of different kitchen style.  I am not dreaming of a really beautiful kitchen, just a simple but elegant looking kitchen since I am the queen in our kitchen.  I stay most of the time in the kitchen cooking foods for the family.  Cooking would be more fun with beautiful ambiance in the kitchen.

Anyways, I have started buying the things that I need in our simple kitchen.  Also, contacted the carpenter who will construct and renovate our kitchen.  Hopefully I get to see the new look of our kitchen.  Thanks to the idea that I have searched online.  Indeed this new technology is of a big help.  You do not need to contact an interior decorator to help you out decorating your home, kitchen, or bedroom.  You just have to click online and search of the information you want to know.

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Excited to see their new home

Aside frm being so busy planing for their wedding next year, the brother and his future wife is also busy with their new home.  They want to finished it before the wedding day arrives so that they can slowly move some of their things early, so that when the big event arrives, all is in order.  Right now they are renting a room near the company where my brother works while waiting for their new home to be done.  They are also buying new stuffs to put in their newly built abode.  I was asked by my future SIL about the nice color of their curtain, painting in their new home and some small details.  Even if I am not an interior decorator, I did my best to be of help to her.  I have used my talent in mixing colors to make the ambiance of the home cool and cozy.

Their new home is almost done and we are so excited to see it.  We do not know about the furniture yet because my brother opted to buy appliances first.  They are done with their sound system.  The next on brother’s list is flat screen television.  It is an easy job however, the brother is a bit picky and he is a technician, so my suggestion would end up in a debate.  So we just let him pick the television he likes and suited to their budget.  Hopefully we get to see their new home early next year.

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He wants a remote control car

Christmas is fast approaching.  People would be very busy attending different parties especially the kids.  One of the Christmas parties that kids are looking forward to is the party at their school.  They are so excited because their minds are set that they will be receiving gift/s.  Exchanging of gifts is what the kids are looking forward to at their Christmas party at school.  To them the party won’t be complete without exchanging of gifts.  Having said that, the sister would be very busy on her sons Christmas party at school.  She attended the meeting already and the parents decided that they will be the one giving gifts for their son/daughter.

The sister’s sons ages 6 and 4 years old.  And she will be the one who will give gifts to her sons on the party.  If she were to pick a gift for her sons, she wants an educational toys because it would really help them on their studies.  It would help her sons prepared for the next grade.  But she has to ask her sons of what gift they want for Christmas.  Her eldest wants a remote control car.  He is dreaming to have one after he saw one at the mall.  The nephew haven’t forgot it.  The sister will be buying two remote control car for her two sons so they won’t fight.

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Should have bought new one instead

Two months ago my laptop just stops working.  It was a saddest day of my life because my laptop is my online best friend.  He has been part of my life and my online career for the past four years.  I have part time job online and without laptop I am crippled.  The timing was bad because I do not have budget.  I have seek advises from friends and my sister.  Many says that I should buy new one because my laptop is a bit old.  I need new laptop.  However, thinking of buying new one makes me sad because my old laptop has sentimental value.  I just can’t.  My sister suggested that I bring it to the technician and have it fixed.  It is practical to have it fixed than buying new one.

I took my sister’s advice.  Brought my laptop to the technician.  After three weeks, my laptop is fixed.  I am so happy because I can now start doing updates on my blogs.  It was nice because I felt like I am having new laptop.  But after a week, my noticed that my laptop is very slow, always says not responding, and my touch pod is not functioning well.  Sometimes I am pissed off especially if I am in a hurry.  I do not really know if the cause of not responding it my internet connection or the hard disk of my laptop.  I guess I have to bring it back to the technician to have them check it again.  Arghs!  I should have pick some friends advises and bought new one instead.

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