Hannah Davis on Her Pregnancy and Cravings

Another couple is expecting a pregnancy this year! Congratulations to Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis! The 26-year-old model is putting her baby bump on full display in NYC on February 14 – one day after announcing that they were pregnant and we can’t deny that the bump became her best accessory.

They stepped out to promote the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue which was shot weeks after she found out she was pregnant. In the appearance, the model was wearing an itty-bitty bikini while photographed on the beach in Mexico.

She showed off her growing belly in a fitted black skirt with lace-up detail, Schumacher coat, Giuseppe Zanotti heels and a tight black leather skirt.

Talking to Extra on Tuesday, Davis opened up about her pregnancy and revealed that she has pretty intense pregnancy cravings. According to her, she doesn’t eat meat but now, she craves for beef jerky all the time. She also likes a lot of gummies, candies, and anything salty and sweet.

Davis and Jeter, 42, married in July 2016. When asked about the name of the baby, the model answered they haven’t decided on the name yet. It may take time for the name reveal as it seems that at this time, Davis isn’t on the game for brainstorming baby names.

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It is more safer now

My father and I have noticed that our lights at home are blinking three days ago.  We did not bother to know the reason why.  We just thought that it is because the bulb is old and need to be replaced.  But yesterday, the blinking is getting worse.  My father called my older brother and told him the situation.  The brother told us to check the main switch.  I am so scared because the fuse sparks.  There is something wrong with our connection.  The brother-in-law checked it and it is loss connection.  If we do not turn it off, it will cause short circuit and worse thing might happen.

I was supposed to do my online stuffs last night but was not able to because we do not have electricity yesterday.  Today, my father contacted an electrician since my older brother can’t come to fix it due to work.  We were advised to buy circuit breaker.  It is really dangerous when short circuit happen.  From that experienced we learned that we should always check the electrical connection at home, if we noticed that something is not right, we should act right away and do not wait for three days to finally do some action just like we did.  Thank God nothing serious happen to us.  Now that we have circuit breaker, we are more safe now.

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My birthday gift to myself

“This will be the last time”, this was my line when I bought my Huawei seven months ago.  I changed phone back then when I decided to give my old phone to my niece.  She needs a phone because she got home from school late.  We wanted her to let us know if she gets home late.  My sister did not like the idea because the niece is just 12 years old, but I insisted.  I told the sister that this will be the last time that I will buy a phone.  I am contented with the Huawei phone that I bought and happy of my new phone.

However, just this month a bought a new phone.  I broke that promised that I made.  The last time that I said before, is not really the last time.  I bought a new phone two weeks ago, as a gift to myself since it is my birthday.  I did ask my older sister’s opinion first before anything else.  I am so glad that she understand my reason of buying a new phone, and understand that it is a gift to myself.  As of the moment I am enjoying my new Oppo phone.  I do hope that this would really be the last time.  By the way, I handed over my Huawei phone to my older brother.

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New Stuffs in the Kitchen

It is in my wish list last Christmas to buy new stuffs in the kitchen.  I have started listing the things to buy in the kitchen while cleaning the house.  I do this every time I am doing the general cleaning at home.  The kitchen is my second favorite place at home.  I would like to make our kitchen clean and with complete with kitchen wares.  Also, to help me out in making my kitchen organize I search online of different kitchen style.  I am not dreaming of a really beautiful kitchen, just a simple but elegant looking kitchen since I am the queen in our kitchen.  I stay most of the time in the kitchen cooking foods for the family.  Cooking would be more fun with beautiful ambiance in the kitchen.

Anyways, I have started buying the things that I need in our simple kitchen.  Also, contacted the carpenter who will construct and renovate our kitchen.  Hopefully I get to see the new look of our kitchen.  Thanks to the idea that I have searched online.  Indeed this new technology is of a big help.  You do not need to contact an interior decorator to help you out decorating your home, kitchen, or bedroom.  You just have to click online and search of the information you want to know.

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