Notice of Disconnection

Yes, I have been posting in here the notice of disconnection of my internet connection several times already.  I promised that I will not get any more notice in the future so I wont be sharing it here.  However, today I am going to share again about notice of disconnection but this time it is our electricity. arghs!  Two months has lapsed and our electric bill has not paid yet.  I wish I have the money to pay the bill.  The bill is a bit higher and my online earning is just enough.  If I have extra I will surely shoulder the electric bill.

I am so allergic with notice of disconnection.  I talked to my father and sister about it and all we have was a sad face.  I used to seek helped from my older brother who lives in the another city but now that he is married and starting new life, I am shy to ask for help.  I hope we will find ways on how we are going to settle this notice of disconnection.   If  none, I guess I have to ask help from my brother again.  I have to get myself ready for the nagging and all.  I can handle it will perfectly because I am feed up with his nagging habits.  What is important is that he will rescue us.  That is all that matters to me.

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Loving the new feature

Everyday I have to wake up early because I have to send the nephew to school.  One morning, I woke up an hour early.  I tried to go back to sleep but I cannot.  Instead of forcing myself to go back to sleep, I took my phone and started browsing on Facebook and checking my emails.  It has become my daily routine I must say.  When I wake up, I go get my phone and check on emails, checking notifications on Facebook or watching Korean drama that is downloaded on Facebook.  I really appreciate the happiness this modern technology brings.  Just do not over use or so dependent on it.

Anyways, when I open my Facebook it says that I need to update to.  Another feature is coming up.  After the update I saw this Go Live application/feature on Facebook under status.  This is may be the apps that my friend is using for I have seen her status saying that she is live.  It looks interesting.  I have tried it once last Sunday and it was fun.  I was live on Facebook waking up the nieces for early church.   I really like this feature/application.  I seldom post an update on my profile but will surely make an update using this Go Live feature.  You should try it Facebook users because it is fun.

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Finally bought a monopod

I am disappointed when the monopod that I ordered online did not arrive on the day I expected it.  I never bother to contact the seller because I am really sad.  We made a transaction online and she promised that it will arrived before the event arrives (I am going to attend a family event back then).  I just thought that it is not the right time, maybe God wants me to save the money for the rainy days.  Thinking of the positive side of what happened, I just accepted it.  Everything happens for a reason.  Besides it is not a need really, it only one of wants in this modern technology life.

I must admit I gave up on buying monopod because the excitement was no longer there.  However, I meet someone selling gadgets accessories, monopod, screen protector and the likes  at the school of my nephew.  I smiled thinking that this may be the perfect time to buy a monopod.  I ordered one monopod right away after trying the sample she brought.  After a week my monopod arrives.  I am the happiest.  Feeling like a kid having lots of candies and chocolates.  Taking selfie pictures would be fun because of this monopod.  More selfie pictures coming up soon.  Woohoo!

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Interested to buy Non-Stick Frying Pan

One of the things that my father does when he wakes up in the morning is to turn on the television.  He likes to watch the latest news even if it makes him angry most of the time especially when the news is all about politics, oil price hike and drugs.  I must say he is so affected with these issues that is why I told him to stop watching news for it makes him angry and will trigger high blood pressure.  But still watching for this is his way of easing the boredom at home.

One day he got bored of hearing the same news over and over again.  While watching television he keeps on changing channels until he bumps into shop tv channel.  The shop tv is introducing the non-stick frying pan.  It is a set at a lesser price.  He got interested and does not change channel on that day.  After watching the show, he told me that he is interested to buy the non-stick frying pan set.  He copied the contact number also.  I do not know what comes in his mind that he is so interested to buy it.  The advertisement is effective because it got my father’s attention.  It got me so excited too to try this non-stick frying pan soon.  It will for sure makes my cooking job easy especially when frying fish, pork, eggs, and the likes.  Happy cooking so to speak.

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