He wants a remote control car

Christmas is fast approaching.  People would be very busy attending different parties especially the kids.  One of the Christmas parties that kids are looking forward to is the party at their school.  They are so excited because their minds are set that they will be receiving gift/s.  Exchanging of gifts is what the kids are looking forward to at their Christmas party at school.  To them the party won’t be complete without exchanging of gifts.  Having said that, the sister would be very busy on her sons Christmas party at school.  She attended the meeting already and the parents decided that they will be the one giving gifts for their son/daughter.

The sister’s sons ages 6 and 4 years old.  And she will be the one who will give gifts to her sons on the party.  If she were to pick a gift for her sons, she wants an educational toys because it would really help them on their studies.  It would help her sons prepared for the next grade.  But she has to ask her sons of what gift they want for Christmas.  Her eldest wants a remote control car.  He is dreaming to have one after he saw one at the mall.  The nephew haven’t forgot it.  The sister will be buying two remote control car for her two sons so they won’t fight.

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Should have bought new one instead

Two months ago my laptop just stops working.  It was a saddest day of my life because my laptop is my online best friend.  He has been part of my life and my online career for the past four years.  I have part time job online and without laptop I am crippled.  The timing was bad because I do not have budget.  I have seek advises from friends and my sister.  Many says that I should buy new one because my laptop is a bit old.  I need new laptop.  However, thinking of buying new one makes me sad because my old laptop has sentimental value.  I just can’t.  My sister suggested that I bring it to the technician and have it fixed.  It is practical to have it fixed than buying new one.

I took my sister’s advice.  Brought my laptop to the technician.  After three weeks, my laptop is fixed.  I am so happy because I can now start doing updates on my blogs.  It was nice because I felt like I am having new laptop.  But after a week, my noticed that my laptop is very slow, always says not responding, and my touch pod is not functioning well.  Sometimes I am pissed off especially if I am in a hurry.  I do not really know if the cause of not responding it my internet connection or the hard disk of my laptop.  I guess I have to bring it back to the technician to have them check it again.  Arghs!  I should have pick some friends advises and bought new one instead.

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Secondhand Air-condition

My father and I talked about buying air-condition at home because of the weather.  We are using three electric fans at home and our electric bill is as huge as having air-condition at home.  So we decided to buy air-condition one day.  We are not in a hurry too because we have our priorities.  We have to settle everything before adding expenses at home.  Also, we are considering to buy a second hand air-condition for the price is cheaper.  However, we have to check very well if it still works good and in good condition too.  We both agreed and we will just wait for a perfect opportunity.

Yesterday I got a message from a friend asking me if I am interested to buy air-condition.  She bought new one and thought of selling the old one.  I mentioned to her before that we thought of buying a/c that is why she contacted me first.  Unfortunately, the timing is not perfect.  We have lots of issues at home that should be settled first.  A/C is not our priorities.  Even if the amount is just right, we have to let it pass.  My friend is giving me a discount that is why I really wanted to grab it but sad to say I have to decline it.  Maybe it is not yet time to buy a/c.  Electric fan is not bad though.  Better luck next time I must say.

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Bored no more

Today, I visited my sister who just gave birth.  I brought with me her two sons as per her request, said she missed them even for just one night.  It was difficult to persuade the lady guard to let us in because the three year old nephew is not allowed.  Said that it is not safe and they prohibit the kids of his age to enter unless the kids has doctor’s appointment.  Good thing I have the power to make the lady guard say yes, but she make faces on me.haha!  Well, I do not care, all I care is for us to get inside and see the sister and the baby.

I am getting ready to go home after our dinner, when the sister told me that I will be the one attending her tonight because her husband will go home to have a good night sleep.  He did not able to sleep well last night.  I like it because want to be with my sister, but thinking that I did not bring clothes with me, no jacket, and no blanket.  Arghs!  This is sort of a torture.  Good thing the nurse gave me extra blanket.  I do not feel really cold.  I am sleepy but can’t go to sleep yet I have to watch the pain reliever injected to my sister.  I have to keep awake.  Big thanks to the laptop of my sister I have company.  Eases the boredom and surely entertain me to keep me awake.  Thanks to this technology.

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