My first laptop is dead

My first laptop is four years old.  I got it when my blogging job became stable and starting to pick up.  It was one of the happiest day in my life because I never thought that I would be able to buy a laptop.  Before, to me owning a laptop is impossible but my blogging job made it possible.  My old laptop is the first investment that I bought from the money I earned online.  It is very valuable to me and meaningful because it reminds me of the time when I just started blogging and trying to earned.  I must say, the old laptop is one of the fruits of my hard work online.

After two years of using it, I decided to give it to my sister because she needs a laptop at school.  It would be easier for her to make lesson plan using laptop.  I bought new laptop and give the old one to my sister.  Though it is an old laptop, I am very proud to say that the laptop is still in good condition because I took good care of it.  It is in my sister’s position for two years and a half now.  Just the other day the laptop is dead.  We have tried to turn it on many times but it shows to display.  My sister is so worried because most of her important files are stored in the laptop.  She hasn’t done typing her lesson plan and test papers yet.  The sister is worried.  We are trying to contact a technician that will help us fixed the laptop, hopefully soon so the sister can proceed with her papers works.

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Need to reformat my laptop

I have mentioned in my previous post about the Windows Update in my laptop.  I do not have this problem before because it will just update automatically, but lately it is not working.  The worse is that I cannot concentrate doing my online stuffs because it always says not responding.  It is really frustrating because it freezes for few minutes and when I move the mouse it will say not responding.  I tried to run the windows update manually but still it does not work.  It will say failure to install update.arghs!  It is really frustrating.

I asked a friend about my problem and told me that the only way to solve my problem is to reformat my laptop.  The idea is good and I am considering it however, it is not good at this time because I do not have extra.  I know that reformatting my laptop will cost me a bit.  The timing is not really good.  Someone told me that reformatting will cost me 1,000 pesos (12 usd).  Where can I get that amount when blogging earning is very slow?  I hope I can still bare this problem until I have the amount to pay for reformatting my laptop.

Does anyone here can help me with this problem?  Can you share it to me so I can reformat on my own? Thanks!

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The light is busted

Things do happen unexpectedly that is why we have to be ready at all times.  However, there are times that we will be caught unguarded.  This is what happened to the light in my bedroom.  I was about to do my online staffs when the light is blinking and went off.  I thought I was just my niece turning off the light but when I turned around the niece is sleeping.  I took the flashlight of my father to check the light.  I found out that the bulb turns black.  Yes, the bulb retires and I need to buy new one.   My night was ruined because of the busted light.

I have lots of plans to do last night online but was not able to because I cannot concentrate doing it without light.  It is really difficult to work in dark surrounding.  I tried though for couple of minutes but decided to stop and hit the hay instead because it is not good for the eyes to work in without light.  I am a bit sad because of the ruined plans, however, if I were to look at the positive side of what happened, I have to be thankful because I was able to sleep early last night.

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How the PowerPoint Presentation Wins Over Clients

Providing data for specifics has been a driving force for PowerPoint users since the program’s development many years ago. However, the program can offer more than just a method to show numbers and charts. It can be used as an effective tool to win over clients through the use of imagery and simplified explanations.

Avoiding the Mundane

Charts and numbers can be useful to show data and it’s effect on the specific topic. Unfortunately, it can also be stagnant and lifeless. This often leads to the viewers becoming disinterested in the topic making the information more difficult to deliver. Adding graphics and more pizzazz to the presentation can keep the viewing parties interested and entertained.

Offering Visual Elegance

Humans are a species that connects to objects and information better when there is an image involved. People will recognize company logos and the products and services that are tied to the organization over that of simple text. Presentations in PowerPoint can incorporate the same memory enhancements with proper images and sounds. It makes the information more alluring while imprinting a graphic to represent the data.


Today, PowerPoint presentations can be utilized in person or across the Internet. Organizations can host meetings with clients from the other side of the world through streaming media. Depending on the purpose of the presentation, the file can be viewed by potentially millions of possible clients from a single website. This portability is one of the most versatile aspects of the program in today’s world.

Adds Professionalism

A well developed presentation can add a level of professionalism that can attract potential clients. While simple data can still be beneficial, you want the client to be impressed with your delivery of that information. Clients will take you more seriously increasing their aspirations of what you can achieve for their company.

Custom PowerPoint presentations can provide you with a redesign of your data that can be more interesting and easier to follow. The last thing you want to do is bore the attendees of the presentation or deliver confusing data. Let experts help you build a presentation that can be memorable and more intelligible for your target audience.

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