Make sure to have back-ups

Every events moments, celebrations, and the likes whether it is big or small we like to take photos for remembrance. Photos help us remember happenings in the past. It is also nice to look back of the old photos, to see our looks before and the places we have been visited. To me, it is a joy in my hear t to look back all the photos in the past. I like to remember the things from before when I was younger and the family is still complete. Because photos are treasure to me, I see to it I have back-up so when the photos in my camera accidentally deleted I do not have to worry because I have extra copy.

It was an online blogger friend told me to always save back-ups of photos, files and important documents just in case my original files are corrupted. Since then, I make it a habit to save back-ups always. I am saying this after what had happened to my sister’s 700 plus photos in her camera. The niece’s accidentally deleted all the photos in her camera and she does not extra copy of all the photos. She gets angry because the photos are of his two sons, their birthday, their bonding, baptism/christening, Christmas and New Year, and important events of their life. If only she could turn back the time, she would save back-ups. The photos now are only in their memories. She learned lesson from what happened and said she will save back-ups next time.

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A very techie kid

The nephew started playing games on the tablet when I brought him once at the SSS (Social Security Service) to pay my contribution. I have to let him play while waiting for our number to be called for him to not feel bored. The tablet keeps him busy I must say. I am so thankful that day because he just sits down and playing games in the tablet. Times like this, I can say I appreciate the existence of the modern technologies like gadgets. Aside from we can use it in business matters, surfing over the internet; it can also entertain to not feel bored while waiting.

The addicted of the nephew in playing gadgets started then.   But I have to limit him from using it because it is not good at his age. Until his father got a presents from his boss from working so hard. The present was a tablet. I can tell he is the happiest boy in the world. Since he doesn’t know how to operate it, he is just watching his father or mother operating the tablet. He is indeed a smart kid because he memorized what he saw. He now knows how to operate the tablet and knows how to install games. He knows better than me. He is a very techie kid and I am really surprised. Even so, we still have to limit him on playing for his own good.

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Thank you for fixing the antenna

The ASEAN Games 2014 in Incheon South Korea started two weeks ago. The country is sending delegates there to compete with other Asian countries. I promised to watch the games that the country has participates and give my support even if I am not there personally. The local channel has authorized to have the coverage of the games. There are two channels showing the coverage. One is showing live coverage and the other one is delayed. I prefer to watch the live coverage however; the channel that airs the live coverage has poor reception.

It is frustrating because I cannot watch clearly the games. I guess there is something wrong with our antenna. I asked the brother to fix it but he can’t go up on out roof because he is heavy. If I can, I can do it myself but I am so scared. sigh* Good thing a guy neighbour who is a good friend of mine, passes in our house. Even if it is embarrassing, still I asked him if he could do me a favor. I told him the favor I ask and I am glad that he is willing to fix our antenna. He went up on our roof and with the direction of my brother the reception is better. We can watch the live games on ASEAN Games clearly now. Thank you neighbor for the favor. God bless you more.

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Showing her some techniques

Not like her older sister, my other niece is a bit slow in mathematics especially in division. She is having a hard time to solve problem in division in more than four digits. She is trying her best though. I have told her older sister to help her in solving division problems. However, instead of teaching her it is her older sister who will solve the problems and will give to her the answer with the solutions. What my niece did is wrong because she is not helping her sister at all. I want her to teach her little by little for her to know the steps so she can solve it alone.

I did not like what the older niece did, so even if I do not like I teach the niece instead and showing her some techniques to make the division in multiple number easy and fast. I am sharing the same techniques I used when I was still studying. I am not good in mathematics but math is one of my favorite subjects. It took us almost three hours solving their division assignments in mathematics. I give my very best and share some techniques to the niece too. I do hope that she will use it and practice more for her to appreciate the mathematics subject especially the division. Also, one of the reason I am teaching the teach my simple techniques is for her to not be dependent with the calculator for I know calculator won’t help her at all.

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