Bulb is Busted

Oh yes, another bulb at home is busted.  I just bought the bulb months ago.  It is sad that it did not last for at least a year.  Well, I should have known since I bought the bulb at cheaper price.  I am just sad that it is busted at night.  No light in our dining area.  We do not have any choice but to transfer the bulb from the terrace to the living room.  Our terrace is so dark now.  The place where I want to stay after having dinner.  For the mean time, terrace is not my favorite place to stay after dinner.  Have to wait till we buy new bulb maybe tomorrow.LOL

The brother give me money to buy bulb because it is so dark outside.  He also told me to buy a good quality of bulb because the one that is busted is not a good quality that is why it does not last longer.  Hopefully I will find time to go to the department store tomorrow to buy new bulb. I will buy two bulbs to have an extra just in case another bulb is busted unexpectedly.  It is best to be ready all the time.wink*  Thanks brother for the money.  I am glad you visited us.haha!

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It stops working

My old laptop is four years old.  I hand it over to my sister for two years already and she has been using it since then.  But because it is a bit heavy, the sister decided to buy netbook.  She is still using the old laptop though because some of her files at school is saved in the old laptop.  Just recently, she thought of handing over the old laptop to the niece because niece needs laptop at school.  The sister started transferring her old files to finally hand over the laptop to the niece.  However, the laptop suddenly stops working.

OMG!  I guess the old laptop is hurts that is why it stops working.  The sister is sad because she just bought new battery for the old laptop and the laptop is stopped working.  How can she give it to my niece?  Another expenses is about to happen I must say but the sister is on a tight budget.  The handing over of the old laptop might take longer because it needs to be repaired and the sister has no money for that now.  Just be patient my niece, you will have this laptop next year, we hope.

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User Friendly Mobile Phone

There are lots of mobile phones in the market nowadays.  Wide selections of brands to choose from.  There are very affordable ones and expensive ones.  You can easily select the brands of mobile phones that is easy on your budget.  The problem is if the phone is durable and will surely last longer.  Still it is best to buy brand of mobile phones that is tested and been on the market for longer times.  The problem is that the price is a bit higher.  But it is worth it for it surely will last longer.

My brother now is thinking of buying new phone for Christmas.  He plans to give his old phone to his wife.  It is not really old because the phone is only months old.  He is asking me of what is the best brand to buy.  Of course I suggested a good brand of mobile phones but he said he can’t afford it.  I suggested the brand that I am using.  So far, it is good and I love my 3 months old phone.  I told the brother that my phone is user friendly phone.  It is best for the not so techie person like him.  It is easier to understand and very much affordable.  Though he did not decided yet, but told me to consider my suggestion.  Anyways, good luck brother for the new phone and the brand you are going to choose.

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How To Take Your Trucking Company From Good To Great

If you run a trucking business and want to take it to a new level of excellence, having a strategic plan is important. To ensure that you can truly take your company from good to great, follow the strategies for success outlined here:

1. Attain Great Cast-Iron Components.

These days, many truck company owners are interested in attaining high quality cast-iron products with lightweighting benefits. Doing so is important because getting the right products can optimize and expedite the performance of your trucks. Once you start the search for the ideal company from which to attain your trucking products, be sure to consider the professionals of Grede. As one of the country’s biggest producers of cast-iron components for agricultural and commercial vehicles, this company can provide you with the durable goods you need and deserve.

2. Make The Most Of Your Staff.

As most truck company owners understand, employees play a profound role in determining how successful your business will be. From the way they answer the phone to how proficient they are in completing daily tasks, the activities of your staff can contribute to or detract from your rate of expansion and conversion. In recognizing this business principle, it’s important that you make the most of your staff by encouraging them to grow personally and professionally. There are several ways for you to accomplish this objective, one of which is to offer ongoing training opportunities.

3. Branding, Branding, Branding.

If you’re really serious about taking your trucking company to a new level of excellence and expedience, it’s critically important that you focus on your branding campaign. Branding is the process of developing a clear, consistent image for your company’s goods and services through the creative, strategic use of graphic design elements like color, text, icons, backgrounds, etc. Generally, digital advertising firms can provide you with a plethora of brand-building services that help you cultivate a strong, positive online image that will draw attention to your trucking business. When you start the hunt for the ideal marketing firm, be sure that they can provide you with tangible evidence indicating their ability to consistently get results on behalf of their clients.


Although many trucking business owners want to take their companies to a new level, they oftentimes find themselves stuck in a slump or periods of stagnation. To preclude this from happening to your trucking company, make sure that you’re getting the right cast-iron products, investing in your employees, and optimizing your branding process. In so doing, you can take your business from good to great!

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