Welcome to the world of facebook

Facebook is not my brother’ s thing.  Even if his friends are inviting him, encouraging him and making him jealous, still he is not into facebook.  To him, he doesn’t know how to operate computer, he doesn’t have time and it is just a waste of time.  Well, he is a guy.  Some guys doesn’t care about social media and the techie world.  But when he attended high school reunion last year, he decided to make facebook account because most of his high school friends and into facebook.  They told him to make facebook account to continue their communication, also to know the latest about their batch program, project and activities.

The brother doesn’t have computer/laptop, so he bought android phone which is cheaper.  Of course he is happy and excited to make facebook account.  But the problem is he does not know anything.  I created his facebook account first then teach him carefully on how to start, where to go, what to do and so on.  He has facebook account now, have started posting and commenting for days, but our facebook lesson is not yet done.  He still keeps on asking me things that makes him confused.  I do hope that after two weeks, he can facebook on his own and won’t bother me anymore. LOL  Anyways, congratulations to my brother and welcome to facebook world!

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The fourth earphone in less than two years

 photo 6bf23f3e-4073-4f47-baef-c0e41e10fa53_zpsqqshkomj.jpgThe reason I bought earphone for my laptop is because I like listening to music while doing my online stuffs.  It motivates me and inspires me while listening to my favorite songs.  I have downloaded my favorite Korean songs in my laptop so, I can listen to it when I want to and I am doing my online job.  Even though I don’t really understands what is the meaning of the songs and the lyrics, listening to the melody of the songs inspires me.  The Korean songs that I have downloaded are the OST of my favorite Korean Drama.

Since I will only used my earphone when I am working and watching Korean Drama online, I opted to buy cheaper one.  Also, it is easy to my budget.  The only problem is that the cheaper one did not last longer.  Because of the low quality it is easily busted.  When the first one is busted, I still bough the same brand of earphone for the second and third time.  Then I realized, it is a waste of money to buy the same kind and it gets busted in a short time.  It took me three times to realized that I should buy a nice quality of earphone.  The amount is a bit high compared to the old earphone but is it worth it.  It looks better than the previous ones.  I do hope that this earphone will last longer because this is the fourth earphone that I bought in less than two years.

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Steps To Create A Web Development Tutorial Using Movavi Screen Capture

Are you a seasoned techie who is looking to create a web development guide for novice web developers? A website is really important today to take your business forward in the contemporary digital world and many are in search of a credible web development guide online. Your web development tutorial will save many from hiring pricey web developers and also help the aspiring developers to learn the important tricks of the trade. You can trust Movavi Screen Capture Studio here as it’s one of the most recommended names when it comes to creating how-to video guides. Follow the post below to understand the step by step instructions on how to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to create the web development tutorial guide, as per http://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-create-videoguide.html.

Step 1

You would have to download and install the Movavi Screen Capture Studio in your computer. The Movavi program assures a user-friendly interface and you will find detailed installation instruction for your convenience.

Step 2

After you install the software, you would have to capture the computer screen. Adjust capture frame – it will enable you to record essential parts of your screen – otherwise you can record the video in Full Screen. The Movavi program allows you to work with in-built sound and visual effects for a vibrant effect to your video.

Step 3

Now, you start your recording by clicking on REC option- you can also record by pressing on F10 option on the keyboard. If you wish to stop the capture, press on F10 again.

Step 4

As the Movavi stops to record, you would get a preview of your resulting clip. In case you are planning to edit, go to Edit option on the Movavi program & add the footage to Video Editor. The Editing function will transform your rough how-to web development guide into pro-level explainer video. The Movavi program enables you to enhance the video quality; trim, split, cut & merge the files on timeline; deploy animated transitions; add on special effects; spice up the tutorial with background music, add on instructional text and so on.

Step 5

Go to Titles tab & choose from animated or simple captions to select a fitting title for your tutorial.

Step 6

You can offer your voiceover to the tutorial through Record Audio section from Import tab.

Step 7

Finally, go to “Save Movie” to save the video tutorial in your desired format.

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The electric fan is dead

The second hand electric fan that my brother bought at his friend’s shop is dead.  It only lasted for months.  Though he bought it in cheap price still we are sad because it looks like the money went to waste.  If only we bought a brand new one, it will last longer.  It is sad that the electric fan is dead in not so perfect time.  It is not so perfect because we do not have budget yet to buy new one, plus it went did in summer time where the weather is hot.  I guess, this is the prize we have to take for buying a second hand item.

My brother who is an electrician tried to fix it but he can’t.  He told us that instead of buying parts to fix the electric fan, it is best to buy brand new electric fan.  He told us that if the fan is fixed, he can’t guarantee that it will last longer.  The brother is so right.  We decided to buy new one instead, however, we have to save first.  It would be very difficult for me and the two nieces sleeping at night without fan.  Hopefully we ca bear it until the new electric fan arrives.

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