Make sure the lights are safe

During Christmas season, we do put Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, balls, flowers and the likes at home. One decoration that we have to be careful is the Christmas lights. We have to make sure that the wiring is in good quality and look for the ICC sticker. Then we can tell that the lights are safe for it passes in the DTI standard. This is to avoid fire incidents. Fire incidents happen during this time due to low quality of Christmas lights that causes short circuit. There are lots of lights that are very cheap in the market, but poor in quality. Let’s not be tempted with the cheap price of the item because it can cause fire incidents.

In our house, we do have five kinds of Christmas lights, two on the Christmas tree, one on the ceiling and two outside the house. But before buying the lights I checked if there is ICC sticker and the wire is in good quality so the house is safe for short circuit. Also, I avoid octopus connection of wires because it is so dangerous. I do not mind buying expensive lights and other Christmas decorations, the important is we are safe and the house is safe for short circuit.

Do you have Christmas lights at home? Do you also check the ICC sticker?

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The Microsoft Lumia

I was looking for a new phone before when I heard of this Lumia phone. It was a new phone model then manufactured by Nokia. It is a nice phone and I wanted to have it however, I cannot afford to have it. I like Nokia phones because it is user friendly. I have been a Nokia phone user since the day I got my first phone. It was 10 years ago, as I remember. Now, there have been new brands of phones in the market, new style, lots of features and much more, affordable and user friendly too. There are lots of phone to use from, I must say.

But when I heard about this Microsoft Lumia, I got curious. I read information about this new brand of smartphones. Actually it is not really new brand because Microsoft Lumia is a mobile devices manufactured and marketed by Microsoft mobile. This Microsoft Lumia is a result of the long partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. The Nokia branding will slowly phase out but no need to worry Nokia lovers because they still do exist but when the different name, they are now under the Microsoft branding. They will be manufacturing better smartphones.

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Wanting a phone with television this Christmas

My father does have two phones, one for his business and one for personal use. But I guess he is not contented with his two phones anymore. He wants to have new phone this Christmas with television features. His reasons are that sometimes he wants to watch show on television in his room, also when he go outs, he can still watch his favorite show through phone. My sister and I don’t agree with him buying new phone but after hearing his reasons, we have to say yes. Besides he is using his And he wants a new phone as a gift for himself this Christmas.

Tomorrow is the day my father will buy new phone. We will go directly to the mall after withdrawing his pension. And of course he wants me to accompany him because he is lack of knowledge of what would be the best brand to buy. I insisted to buy myself so he won’t get tired but he wants to see it himself. Told me that, what if he doesn’t like the look and style of the phone. I guess my father do not trust my taste.haha Anyways, in exchange of accompanying him the father will treat me in my favorite fast foods and will buy something for the kids. One of the things that I appreciate much about my father is that he shares his pension through buying foods/treats for the family.

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Warning: Battery Exhausted

Every event that the nieces and nephew attended, I always go with them because I do not want to miss it and brought my camera with me to take some photos for their remembrance. Last November 26, 2014 was their National Reading Month culmination. The night before the event, I checked the battery of my camera because I do not want to happen it again when I brought the camera during their recognition day last year and it went exhausted. I ended up taking pictures using the camera in my phone. Good thing my phone has

Since the battery is three bars, I am confident that it will not be exhausted fast. When the parade started, I took six photos of the kids. My camera has 15x zoom, so I can still take photos even if I am far. But when the contest proper started, there is warning that the battery is exhausted. Oh no, not again! I am really frustrated because I cannot use my camera anymore. We are not allowed to take photos near the stage and it doubles my frustration. Even if I am far, I still used my phone taking photos of the kids. Some photos are clear and some are not. Next time, I will make sure the battery of my camera is full bar. Even if it has three bars, I will still charge it to make sure.

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