Online tutorial in making Christmas decorations

After doing my online stuffs (blogging) I watched different videos online.  I usually watched Korean Drama, cooking videos, music videos on YouTube, and other interesting videos.  It really eases the boredom especially if I am bored, feel sad and lonely. My cousins used to tell me that there are lots of videos online that is very interesting and helpful.  Because she learned how to do the knitting online.  I must say she is very good in doing it.  It seems like she enrolled in a knitting class.  She knitted dress for a doll, cellphone case, ribbons, flowers and many others.  It got me interested, and said that I will try it soon when I have the time.  Right now my time is full.

Last week, I got the chance to watch tutorial videos online and I search on how to make Christmas decorations since Christmas is fast approaching.  I look for a nice decorations to put on our Christmas tree.  I am thinking of having different decorations this year.  Well, I do it every year though having different motif on our Christmas tree.  Going online give me an idea on what would be our Christmas tree look like.  Indeed, watching online tutorial is fun and at the same time you can learn from it.  I have save some videos which I can watch when I started to make my Christmas decorations.  In the video that I watched, the decorations are unique and you will spend less.  You can also recycle the old decorations you have and some old clothes.  Thinking about it makes me so excited.  Good luck to me.

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Borrowing laptop of my sister

I laptop is still at the shop.  The technician already called that it is fixed and is ready for pick up, however I do not have the money yet.  I am still waiting for the help from brother.  I wish I have the extra money so I can get my laptop.  I still can update my blogs though and do my online tasks and stuffs, because my sister lend to me his laptop.  Good thing she has extra laptop, the laptop that I gave to her when I bought my new laptop and she needs one to do her lesson plan at school.  She seldom use this because she has netbook, but her old files are in the laptop that I gave.

The problem is that when the sister needs the laptop, I have to wait for her to finished her jobs before I can use the laptop.  I cannot use it anytime  I want but I am fine with that.  Every time I want to check my emails and check if there is writing job for me, I have to wait for my sister to arrived home from school.  It made me missed my laptop so much.  I hope that my brother will send help soon so I can get my laptop and do my online stuffs and blogging career.

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Hope my files are saved

My laptop is still at the shop because the hard disk and keyboard are destroyed that causes my laptop to stop working.  I am so sad because the timing is really bad.  And I do not have budget to bring it to the shop.  But still I brought it to the technician to have it fixed.  The damaged will really cost me because hard disk and keyboard needs to be replace.  Where would I get the money?  This is the first question that entered my mind after hearing the amount I need to pay.  Still I give it a go and just told the technician that I will contact him once I have the money.  Good thing he said yes.

The other day, I called the technician and asked him if he could save all my files in the old hard disk.  He did not say yes to me, he just said that he will contact me once my laptop is okay.  Also, told me they will try to retrieve my old files.  I cannot afford to lost all my files there especially the photos I have saved in the documents.  The photos of my family when we have our vacation in Bohol.  Thinking that I might lost all the files makes me want to cry.  I am crossing my fingers though that all my files will be saved.

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My laptop stops working

After four years of partnership in doing my online stuffs, my laptop just stops working few days ago.  I am really sad because of what happened.  I do not have money to have it fixed and I do not know how am I going to update my blogs and do my other online stuffs.  The timing is really not good because I do not have extra to bring it to the technician to have it fixed.  I do not have a choice but to bring it to the technician because my laptop is my partner and bestfriend as a blogger.  My laptop is one of the important things in my life.

I haven’t been online for two days already because of what had happened to my laptop.  I already brought it to the technician and have to wait for four days or so to have it fixed.  The technician said that my laptop needs a lot of repair.  So, I will take it longer that I expected.  Good thing that my sister let me borrow her laptop so I can update my blogs.  I am having difficulties in retrieving my passwords for I have it said in my laptop. arghs!  This is a lesson that I have to learned, I should have save my passwords in my phone or jot it down.   Glad I retrieved it and already copied it in paper.  So now I am here trying to update my blogs.

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