Asked about my opinion about the brand of printer

A friend of mine came to me few days ago.  She thought of buying printer for her nieces.  She already picked the brand of the printer and asked my opinion about it.  I told her that I am not an expert when it comes to this matter, but still I will give my opinion about the printer basing on the experienced my friend is having after buying the same printer.  My younger brother bought the same printer for his printing business and said that the printer is not good.  Well, the printer is less expensive, so it is expected that it won’t give good result in the long run.

After sharing those stories to my friend, she told me that she will look for another brand of printer.  She will search for a good one that will last longer, longer enough till college days of her nieces.  I also told her that brands is just a brands, the most important thing is how are you going to take good care of it.   As long as you know how to take good care of it, I am pretty sure that it will last longer.  Proper maintenance and checking it from time to time if the condition is still good is the most important things.  If you know how to handle and take care of your belongs/stuffs, it will surely last longer than you expected.  I hope that I am able to help my friend deciding on the brand of printing she wants to buy.

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No images captured

Pictures are one of the proofs in every activity, events, celebrations, travels and occasions that reminds us of the memories.  It is great to look back about the happenings in the past looking at the pictures, right?  That is why we always take pictures as remembrance.  I do like looking at pictures once in a while, in my leisure time and when I feel lonely.  Every time there is especial events, travel, occasion in the family, I always see to it that I captures everything for remembrance.  To me pictures are treasures to keep forever.  This is the reason I bought my own camera to bring with me wherever I go.

Last Saturday was the summer bonding of the family.  I keep my camera ready and charge the battery.  At the beach, I took lots of pictures of the family on the beach, playing cards, the kids enjoying the water, the room where we stayed, leaving the beach and the 160 steps stairs.  I enjoyed capturing the family while sweating on the stairs, and enjoyed looking at the photos before turning off the camera.  When we reached home and about to upload the photos to my laptop, I am surprised that some of the images was not captured, all I can see is white color.  I am pretty sure it was there because I am checking photos from time to time.  I felt really sad because 19 photos are gone.  I am sad because the missing photos are those that I like the  most.  The memories are only recorded in our minds.  Next time I’ll be careful and make sure I captured it correctly.

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I am glad the sister bought vacuum cleaner

The sister bought vacuum cleaner because of her two sons.  Her first born has allergy rhinitis and her youngest is has symptoms of asthma.  Dusty bedsheets, bed, sofa and house is not good for her kids.  It took her two years to finally decided to bough vacuum.  Her son’s coughing for two months made her realized to buy vacuum cleaner.  I go with her when she bought vacuum cleaner because I will be her  Yes, I will help my sister decide even if I do not know what brand is nice and durable.  The timing is perfect when the sister decided to buy vacuum cleaner because the mall is on sale.

I am glad that the sister bought vacuum cleaner because I can borrow it anytime.  I am planning to do general cleaning in our abode one of these days and it would be helpful to have vacuum cleaner.  I do not need to use broom to get rid of the cobwebs.  I do not need to go under the bed to sweep the floor and cleaning the mattress would be easy.  I have made an appointment already of when to borrow the vacuum cleaner of my sister.  Thanks God for giving me a loving and kind sister.  I hope that I won’t be borrowing her vacuum cleaner forever, when there is opportunity, I will for sure buy one.

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Happy to have new phone

She got her first phone when she finished with honors a year ago.  It was my award for the job well done.  Also I promise that whoever finished with honors will get a reward of their choice.  And the niece chooses phone.  Unfortunately, the phone lasted for months only.  She did not take good care of it.  Yes, I am so angry because she is being careless, I scolded her and get mad at her but there is no use because the damage is already done.   I should not give her phone then.  However, a promise is a promise and I am keeping it.  She deserves to get the reward of her choice.

After her phone gets busted, she does not have phone.  We are worried because we cannot check on her at school since she goes home on her own from school.  Her grandfather gave her another phone, and it is busted as well.  Made me realized that this girl is not bad luck when it comes to having  The classes will start soon and her older sister will be studying in different school.  Even if I am angry, I think she’ll be needing a phone.  I asked my brother if he could give to her his old phone since he bought new one.  At first my brother did not answer, but I never give up until he said yes.  The niece has new phone now and she is so happy.  I told her to be careful this time because this will be the last time we are giving her phone.  Next time, she has to buy herself phone using her own money.   I hope that she will take good care of it.  Good luck to the new phone.whew*

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