Sending picture via Bluetooth is not working

I have many photos of nephews and nieces in my tablet. Every time I get bored, I will just looking at the photos and videos of them. It is a stress relieving looking at their innocent faces making a pose and their stolen shoots. When I need a photo of them to share in my blogs, I just connect my tablet to my laptop and transfer photos. I haven’t tried transferring photos via Bluetooth yet. Anyways, the sister has her tablet now. And she wants some of her sons’ photos to be transferred to her tablet. I opened one photo and turning on Bluetooth so I can send the photo to her tablet. It says sending photo but we have waited for minutes and the photo wasn’t transferred. It is not working, so to speak.

I took the manual of my tablet, read on how to open the Bluetooth so the transfer will be complete. But still it isn’t working. Yes, we are frustrated. I have to bring the tablet to the customer service and have them fix it for me. I guess there was a mistake when I turn on the Bluetooth. I don’t really know. The sister tried to send photo from her tablet to mine, but she can’t detect my unit. The frustration is kicking in, arghs! I need to visit the customer service sooner.

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Spotted the phone at the mall

My phone is three years old. I so loved my phone because it is the fruit of my online job. It is in good condition because I take good care of my phone for three years. Though it fell several times, but with the rubber protection falling many times is not that bad at all. When I bought my phone, I told myself that I won’t be buying another phone because I am contented with it. However, due to lots of new phones in the market lately, I thought of buying new phone and will give my old phone to my brother. I haven’t found yet the phone that interests me that is budget friendly.

However, after doing window shopping last weekend I think I have spotted the phone at the mall that I am going to buy. The features are really nice that makes me want to have it sooner because the introductory price is affordable.   But I do not have money yet. I guess I have to wait for few months to save enough money for the phone. The thought of buying the phone excites me, but I am sad thinking that I will have to give my precious phone. Hopefully when I have the money, the phone is still affordable and friendly to my pocket.

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Screen protector for my tablet

My tablet does not have screen protector because the casing that I have bought is enough to protect my tablet’s screen. I also thought that buying screen protector is just another expenses and I do not need it that much. However, I have seen scratch on my tablet’s screen. I felt sad looking at the screen of my tablet. I do not know who did it since it is the nephews and the nieces always played with it. I regret then that I did not buy screen protector. Luckily there is only one scratch. I guess it is time to buy screen protector. Meanwhile, I have to keep my tablet in the closet and do not allow the kids to play with it.

While at the mall accompanying the sister, I took the opportunity to buy screen protector since I brought my tablet with me. Good thing I have extra to in my wallet, plus they are on sale, so the price of the screen protector is affordable. After putting the screen protector, the screen of my tablet is very nice to look at. The scratch is not that visible now. Screen protector is unexpected expenses, but I do not have any regrets since I have thought of buying one. However, even if the tablet does have screen protector, I am not allowing the kids to play with it anymore. I hope!

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Thanks to the technology

We used to see each other twice or thrice a month. But when she got an item to teach in the rural areas, we haven’t seen each other for like four months. I missed her very much and I missed our bonding. Among my college friends, she is the only one I have continued the communications. I lost contacts with some of my friends. That is why when she was assigned in the province I felt very sad because we won’t be seeing each other often and it means no bonding for us. She comes back in the city twice a month, but still no time to see each other because she is busy with her family and her son. I cannot afford to take her time with her family.

Anyways, last Sunday we have a date. I am so happy that she contacted me and asked me if we could see each other. I said yes right away because I missed her and missed our bonding. We had our date at the mall as usual doing window shopping, eating our favorites and lots of talking. We talked a lot while eating. We are enjoying when she said it is time for us to go because she will be traveling to the province in an hour. I felt sad because we aren’t done talking yet. I want us to talk more and hear our lives and many things. The time is limited so the topic is to be continued. Though we can talk through our phones, however, talking in person is much better. Thanks to the technology for the constant communication with my dear friend.

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