My latest gadget

Oh yes, I have another gadget added to my beloved gadgets.  I am not collecting gadgets, just want to buy what I like and present for myself for the job well done.  Just recently I bought new tablet/tabphone.  It was not in my plan to buy new tablet.  It was my sister’s fault.LOL!  She was looking for a netbook and while I was there I went to the phone and tablet area.  There I found a tablet/tabphone that catches my attention.  The moment I saw it I told myself that I want to have this.  Week after I have the gadget that I saw at the mall.

Since I have new tablet, I gave my old tablet to the nieces and nephew.  But before giving it to them, I made and schedule of who is going to play first, how many hours and what day.  This is to avoid fighting.  The kids are very happy because they really wanted to have tablet.  They have downloaded the games that they like and they are enjoying it.  I hope that they will take good care of it.  I also told them that they are not allowed to touch my new gadget because they have tablet already.

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New cartridge for her printer

My sister is having an issue on the printer she bought two years ago.  It does not print well.  She brought it to the store where she bought it and the attendant told her that it needs new ink (black and colored) and needs some cleaning.  The sister paid the amount of the inks and the cleaning.  The sample print is nice so we thought that cleaning and new inks are the problem.  However, after few months of using the problem is back again.  Of course the sister is angry.  To her the money she paid for the inks and cleaning is wasted.

The sister does not want to buy new printer because her printer still looks good.  The only issue is that it does not print well.  She decided to bring it to the other shop that is expert in printing issues.  After checking the attendant told her that the printer needs new cartridge.  It is a bit old and not in good condition.  It requires replacement.  At first the sister is hesitant of the suggestion but buying new one is more costly.  She take the risk on the suggestion.  The sister’s decision is worth it because the printer now prints really well.  It looks like she is buying new printer.  She can now print test papers and lesson plans continuously.  No more jamming of bond papers.

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Acer Aspire Netbook

I mentioned in my previous post that the old laptop that I gave to my sister is busted.  It has been in the service for four years and now the old laptop wants to retire.  The sister felt really sad because all her files are there and her lesson plan is there as well.  We can still open the laptop but it will take lots of patients because sometimes there is no display.  The sister wants to save everything in the USB if the old laptop opens.  Thankfully it opens and she get all her files there.  And she will be needing new laptop for her paper works.

After a week of waiting the sister bought her new laptop.  It is an Acer Aspire netbook.  She chooses this brand because it is thin and not heavy to carry, also it is friendly to her budget.  Well, the netbook is indeed very nice.  I even asked the sister if I could borrow it sometimes especially when I am on travel.  My Samsung laptop is very heavy.  My shoulder is always aching every time I brought my beloved Samsung laptop with me.LOL  Congratulations to my sister for having new gadget and hopefully this netbook will last longer.

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Lacking of facilities

The Ct-Stonogram request from the doctor for my father was last month.  We went to the nearby hospital because the father does not want to travel far because of his condition.  He even doesn’t want to get the laboratory saying that he is too old and he is ready for what will going to happen to him.  He just accepted that if he is going to die, then be it.  But we do not want that to happen.  We agreed that we will do everything we can for him to get well soon.  However, when we went to the nearby hospital, the father did not able to take the CT-Stonogram test because the hospital does not have the equipment/machine for it.

Because of the lacking of facilities, we do not have any choice but to go to the hospital in the city.  It took us a month to have the test due to my father’s condition.  If the nearby hospital does have the facility we do not need to travel far.  Anyways, now we are just waiting for the result.  We will get the result tomorrow and will go back to the father’s doctor to make us understand of the father’s condition.  We do hope for the best.  Hopefully no more operation for him because he don’t like to undergo another operation.

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