Thanks to the technology

We used to see each other twice or thrice a month. But when she got an item to teach in the rural areas, we haven’t seen each other for like four months. I missed her very much and I missed our bonding. Among my college friends, she is the only one I have continued the communications. I lost contacts with some of my friends. That is why when she was assigned in the province I felt very sad because we won’t be seeing each other often and it means no bonding for us. She comes back in the city twice a month, but still no time to see each other because she is busy with her family and her son. I cannot afford to take her time with her family.

Anyways, last Sunday we have a date. I am so happy that she contacted me and asked me if we could see each other. I said yes right away because I missed her and missed our bonding. We had our date at the mall as usual doing window shopping, eating our favorites and lots of talking. We talked a lot while eating. We are enjoying when she said it is time for us to go because she will be traveling to the province in an hour. I felt sad because we aren’t done talking yet. I want us to talk more and hear our lives and many things. The time is limited so the topic is to be continued. Though we can talk through our phones, however, talking in person is much better. Thanks to the technology for the constant communication with my dear friend.

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Temporarily deactivated

It was Sunday and I decided to not go online. I need to rest and relax away from the laptop. I do not have the energy to update my blogs as well because blogging nowadays is very slow. It is really painful to me that my bread and butter are slowly fading. Though I still hope and pray that it will comes back to the way it was before. I put in my mind that blogging/bloggers are just facing a bit crisis and it will bounce back sooner. I still have the faith it online earning like blogging.

However, I did not able to keep myself away from my laptop. I turn my laptop on to read emails and to watch Korean drama online. I have tried several times to connect to the internet but it doesn’t let me. I try to troubleshoot and reconnect again but still I was not connected to the internet. Until I received a message saying that they temporarily deactivated my account. It says I have to settle first my overdue account for them to reconnect my internet connection. OMG, I forgot to pay my internet bill again. My Sunday was a relaxing day away from online world because account deactivation.

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Perfect for my table

I bought new table few months ago.  It will be my working table because I will be putting my laptop, magazines for writing reference, papers, pen and other stuffs that is helpful in my online part-time job.  The size of the table is just enough for my laptop, other stuffs and it will not take more space in my tiny room.  My working table looks really nice.  Makes me want to stay long and work very hard.  However, there is one thing missing on my table.  It would look nicer if I put this polyester tablecloth on.  With very nice color, it would make my working place, also known as my room beautiful.  I just have to pick the right size for my table and of course my favorite color.

How about you?  Did you put tablecloth on your working table?  Or maybe tables in your home?

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The Fair Use Policy

I have been in my internet provider for three years now. In those years, I do not have any issues with my internet access. I have unlimited access and the signal is good except for bad weather days. I am used to it when the weather is bad and I am able to adjust already. I am satisfied with my provider so I do not have any plans of transferring to another provider, until just recently. I have been receiving messages about their fair use policy. Instead of 3G browsing speed, they are shifting it to 2G when I reached 1GB data usage in a day.

It seems like I have limited internet access already because 2G is very slow for me. My browsing is kept on turning and even said, problem loading. Because of slow browsing speed, it will take me some time to finish my task online. I am planning to visit my internet provider and ask about this shifting browsing speed. Though I have read on the link they send to me about fair use policy, still I am not contended and understand why they have to do it. To me, instead of reducing it to be fair to all subscribers, why not increasing it for their customers’ sake and satisfaction, right?

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